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The Opportunist!

The Opportunist!

 Well that’s what I would call it anyhow!

Cruising around on a property, we had got onto a few goats early on the trip.

Checking out an area I noticed something up ahead, just standing there looking at us from about 80m .

My hunting mate confirmed it was a cat, standing there as if we were no threat to it!

Well that’s where it was wrong as I pulled the ute to the left.

I stopped and started to get the rifle ready as it walked across the track.

Knowing I only had a few seconds, as once it made it to the scrub it would disappear.

Working the action of the Remmy pump I had chambered a 150gn bullet ready to go.

Resting on the mirror of the ute I centered him in the scope, no time to up the power but felt confident in taking him on 4 power.

The cat made it to the other side of the track and hesitated for a couple of seconds before the crack of the 308 and the whack of the 150gn bullet hitting home.

It just laid there, didn’t move, not even a flinch or a kick.

Happy with the shot, it was one less out in the scrub and certainly added to the whole trip in bagging a cat.

Of course all this happened in a few seconds and very opportunistic to say the least, but with the end result, we were happy!


Feral cat taken with a Remmy Pump in 308.

Last Light Billies.

The last hour of light had us at the other end of the property.

It was a good 30min drive to get back to camp and we had a good day taking a number of goats along the way.

After a drink and a chat we headed off driving along the north track when we sighted a mob up ahead.

Stopping we made our way into the scrub hoping to cut them off before they ventured in too far as once they got into the thick Mallee we would struggle to find them.

The other factor was we were running out of light so we had to get onto them quick.

I moved in and saw 4 billies to my right and moved towards them.

They had obviously had heard the noise from the ute but were only trotting off so I quickly closed the gap and waited a few seconds for an opening in some clear ground.

The first billy come out, then the second and so on, this was my queue to take the shot.

I picked them up in the Leupold scope and the boom of the 308 broke the silence as the Remmy pump made easy work taking all four down at around 60m with the light fading fast.

Three of the goats were only small in the horn department but one was a good size for this area and a good way to finish off the day.

                                The large billy from the mob taken on last light.