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Winchester’s Hunt & Shoot Radio Episode 6: Jason Lownds

In this episode Jason Lownds from The Hunt & Shoot Network talks about hunting and what were our favourite products in 2011. A great conversation with a very knowledgeable bloke. If you love hunting you will love this podcast.

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Hunt & Shoot Radio is Back!!

After a years long hiatus Hunt & Shoot radio is back thanks to Winchester. We have a new name: Winchester’s Hunt & Shoot radio.

In our first episode back I talk to Clive Pugh from Winchester Australia, we talk about the history of the company, the future of the sport, whats new and exciting and much much more.

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What Content do you want to see?

What content do you guys want to see on H&S?

What do you want us to talk and write articles about?

Do you want how to’s? reviews? hunting Stories? Politics? Shooting industry news??

Do you want us to concentrate on fox hunting or deer or pigs or what?

You tell us below in the comments section what you want us to cover here.

The more comments we get the better we can make this place so please leave a comment on what you would like to see here on hunt and shoot.

Hunt & Shoot Radio Update

As you may have noticed, Hunt & Shoot Radio has not had an episode in a few weeks. I’ve been really busy of late and am still committed to the podcast. I should have a new episode in about 2 weeks and from then on I’ll work at getting a new one out ever fortnight. Sorry for the delay and I hope you are enjoying it.

Please leave me suggestions in the comments field to let me know who you guys want to hear on the show.