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Parks Victoria Spends $42,000 on NZ Firm for Goat Cull.

Long haired billy taken on last light!
Long haired billy taken on last light!

Parks Victoria has side stepped Australian contract shooting companies and the SSAA Victoria to pay a New Zealand Company $42000 to conduct a feral goat cull that only claimed 23 goats and 15 feral pigs over ten days.

Parks Victoria even went as far to side step around the competitive process to hire the NZ Pest control firm Backcountry Contractors stating that there were no suitable Australian contractors.

The SSAA East Gipsland has 60 members accredited for pest control on public land and this free resource was not utilised.

I have to imagine that local amateurs doing a managed pest control program could have done as good if not better than a foreign company coming in and conducting work in an unfamiliar terrain.

There is a poll on the Weekly Times Now website asking: Should Parks Victoria have hired New Zealand shooters?

Here is the full news article: NZ hunters on payroll

Late Avro stalk!

Goats were sighted, only a small mob, but a fair way out.

Pulling up and getting out of the vehicle, checked the wind and decided it was right and we had enough cover to get in on them.

Moving off we used the small shrubs and trees along the way.

The goats were feeding along and seemed to be heading to a small low lying area with some type of green weed all through it.

We worked out if we could get to the edge of trees we were in then they would virtually walk right past us from 25m away.

Approaching the end of our cover we spread out and waited for them, what seemed like a long time, even though only minutes, we decided to take them!

With that mob dispatched, we noticed some more objects moving off around 800m out.


Not really knowing what they were due to a heavy mirage, we moved off to check them out.

As we closed the gap it was confirmed, another small mob of goats.

These new something was up and we lost sight of them for a while as we traversed across the slightly undulating country.

At 200m they parked themselves up under a small gum tree.

We moved in, single file and closed the gap to just under 100m, the goats very edgy and broke from their cover.

They were dispatched with some good off hand shots and we had secured a few more on this trip.

We were all pretty happy with our late arvo stalk out onto flat country and got the result we were after.


Moving into the trees for cover!


Sometimes patience pays off!

Cruising down one of the tracks on the property, I noticed some objects moving slowly through the scrub.

Pulling up and turning the engine off, it was confirmed that a few goats were feeding in the scrub some 100m away.

We decided to sit tight and see what they do, hoping they moved out to a bit of a clearing!

A few more minutes passed as we sat in the vehicle and watched them closely, not really knowing how many there were in the mob.

There were more out further some 50m away, slowly moving, no rush just browsing on the vegetation heading into the wind.

Slowly and cautiously we walked over to the scrub line, making sure we weren’t seen by the mob.

After a few minutes we had counted around 8 billies in the mob, trying to find them all in the scrub proved to be the next challenge.

Again, we followed up behind them, using the cover around us and trying to close the distance, slow, steady and being patient was the order for this stalk!

Looking ahead the scrub was getting more dense, so it was decided to spread out and get into a position to take them.

Things didn’t exactly go to plan with our positions, but we managed to take the entire mob, with patience and good hunting skills this was another successful hunt!



One of the biilies that was sighted!

The Opportunist!

The Opportunist!

 Well that’s what I would call it anyhow!

Cruising around on a property, we had got onto a few goats early on the trip.

Checking out an area I noticed something up ahead, just standing there looking at us from about 80m .

My hunting mate confirmed it was a cat, standing there as if we were no threat to it!

Well that’s where it was wrong as I pulled the ute to the left.

I stopped and started to get the rifle ready as it walked across the track.

Knowing I only had a few seconds, as once it made it to the scrub it would disappear.

Working the action of the Remmy pump I had chambered a 150gn bullet ready to go.

Resting on the mirror of the ute I centered him in the scope, no time to up the power but felt confident in taking him on 4 power.

The cat made it to the other side of the track and hesitated for a couple of seconds before the crack of the 308 and the whack of the 150gn bullet hitting home.

It just laid there, didn’t move, not even a flinch or a kick.

Happy with the shot, it was one less out in the scrub and certainly added to the whole trip in bagging a cat.

Of course all this happened in a few seconds and very opportunistic to say the least, but with the end result, we were happy!


Feral cat taken with a Remmy Pump in 308.