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Hunting Hygiene

Given the nature of our sport many times we are in less than ideal sanitary conditions. This comes as a result of being outdoors, contact with unvaccinated animals/game and in general the living quarters one finds in the bush. For the most part our immune system takes care of any bacteria etc that we may encounter, however steps can be taken to ensure your next shooting trip is as safe as possible. Continue reading Hunting Hygiene

Jason’s Fallow Loin Chop Schnitzel

After a few mates asked how I cooked these I thought I would share
Firstly you will need:
Cheapo bread crumbs
Couple of eggs
Southern fried chicken coating mix or like
and of course your meat.
These are 14 day dry aged fallow loin chops , i have used this recipe on everything for roo to buff

Continue reading Jason’s Fallow Loin Chop Schnitzel