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NSW Rifle Association Takes Federal Government to Court.

The Anzac Rifle Range at Malabar is being closed down as no doubt many of you know. The NSW Rifle Association has been based at Malabar for over forty years and was served an eviction notice is late 2011.

Due to this the NSWRA is taking the Federal Govt to court over a licensing agreement clause which stated that if the NSWRA could no longer use the Range at Malabar, the Feds would relocate the organisation for them to continue their activities.

NSWRA Chairman John Fitzgerald says:

“We have no objection to relocating, we just want to have somewhere to go.”

“Our fight is for what we believe is justice and recognition of the agreement we signed,”

So lets hope these guys win and get relocated or ideally get to stay at the historical range.

It really is upsetting that the government has put profits over history, sport and tradition by shutting down the Anzac Rifle Range where we had soldiers from both WWI and WWII train before going off to battle. I’m sure that our diggers would have wanted it to stay open to teach new generations how to shoot for sport and defence.

If you want to help support the NSW Rifle Association’s cause you can buy a brick to help raise money for the legal battle here:


Here is the link to the surprisingly balanced Daily Telegraph Article: