Crows shot over a dead sheep

The Reluctant Sale!

 WARNING: Some pictures in this article are extremely graphic!

 Sometimes in life things just happen without reason, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worst. Recently I had to part with a rifle that I was particularly fond of. It was my Weatherby Varmint Special in 22-250.

 I brought the rifle quite some time ago to use as my main Kangaroo harvesting rifle. As it turned out, I ended up using my Tikka .223 most of the time but the Weatherby was always along for the ride. It was perfect for shooting roo’s from a vehicle. Having a short barrel meant it was easy enough to transport from the seat to the window rest and being a heavy barrel meant it was slower to heat up with repeated firing. Probably the main reason I fell in love with it was because of the exceptional accuracy I could obtain using cheap Nosler Shots. Once I had the action bedded and the trigger lightened, groups around the half inch mark were generally considered normal. Head shooting Roo’s was an easy task with that sort of accuracy and the Weatherby was used on everything from Rabbits to Pigs. The 55gr Nosler Shots performed quite well on game as long as they were placed carefully. Goats and pigs were mostly head shot but even the occasional chest shot gave the required effect. It’s not something I would try and get away with consistently, but it worked fine at the time when nothing else was available.

 Anyway, a mate offered me a deal that I couldn’t refuse and now the Weatherby belongs to him. It was one of those things that even once the money had been exchanged, you’re still reluctant to let go of it. I’m sure he was wondering why my fingers were wrapped so tightly around the gun bag. After all the paperwork was done, I decided to take a trip down memory lane and dig out some photos of my old rifles successes. I know, it’s kind of like rubbing salt on a wound but I was looking for any sort of closure I could find. I thought I would share some of those photos on here as I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been through these situations in life.

 On the positive side of things, at least I know that the rifle is being well looked after and is once again being used as it was meant to be.

A crow taken at long range!


Crows shot over a dead sheep


A Fox with a major headache


The Rabbit we named "jigsaw"



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