Some problems female shooters face! (youtube clip)


Here’s a youtube video from Fate Of Destinee explaining some of the problems that female shooters face.

I think she hits the nail on the head and you don’t have to be a female to see some of these things happening.

Hopefully this helps some of us mere males think before we speak next time we bump into a female shooter.

PS. I love the editing on her videos!

7 thoughts on “Some problems female shooters face! (youtube clip)”

  1. You must see it all the time in your line of work Mia!

    Great blog by the way! My wife has been thinking about getting her license so I’ll suggest she reads a few of your posts!

  2. I can’t imagine anyone poking a ‘Cocked’ firearm (loaded or not) down the back of their pants, regardless of how fed up they are with a certain situation.

    Other than that, my partner (Ange) agreed with a lot of what she said, as she has experienced some of the same.


  3. Good video. I’ve often cringed whilst watching the behaviour of some men towards women. I see it coming and sit there thinking to myself “please don’t, PLEASE DON’T” and then some idiot male has to resort to an unfortunate stereotype. It’s as if some guys are oblivious to their own behaviour and insensitive to others.

    On the other hand, some of these comments apply equally well to males.

    All I can suggest is that people resist the urge to rush in and share their ‘wisdom’ with others. Some things are best learnt, rather than the result of being preached to…

  4. I respect what she says, Shooting is a sport that takes Steadiness and concentration and women can be as good if not better than some men. But I couldn’t help but notice when she took her personal gun out and worked the slide I’m sure I heard a round hit the floor which means it was loaded, well many men make the same mistake.

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