Remington issues recall on some .270 ammunition!

This probably couldn’t have come at a worse time for Remington who has recently been accused of knowingly selling rifles with faulty triggers. They launched a counter attack in the form of a specific website which provides shooters with some piece of mind and hopefully disproves the media’s so called facts.

Unfortunately they have now had to issue a recall on some of their loaded ammunition. The .270 150gr SP load with the following lot numbers has been recalled; N16SA24L, N16SA24R, N16SB24L, N16SB24R, N13SC24L and N13SC24R.

The reason for the recall is due to concerns that the ammunition may have been improperly loaded which could result in higher than normal pressures. Definitely a serious issue!

I’m not sure if any of these lot numbers made it to our shores and I haven’t seen any form of notification of this recall other than on Remington’s website. Given that Raytrade (Remington importer) don’t have a website (yes I agree, very odd in this day and age), I haven’t been able to verify their stance on the recall at this stage.

Further information can be found at the below website.

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  1. I don’t know about the .270 but I have had a couple of 223 cartridges blow up in my face (the last one caused me to almost spend a night in hospital)

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