Nioa’s TV Channel!

Whilst browsing through Nioa’s website the other day, I noticed that they now have a TV channel available to view. There’s currently three episodes listed and they aren’t like your typical “free” shooting videos. For starters they are between 8 to 15 mins long which gives you just enough time to down a beer or two. They are also well presented, informative, and of good quality.

Topics vary from Shotguns and Rifles through to testing of Polymag air rifle pellets and 22LR ammo. There’s a heap of how-to tips and the boys also take the time to answer some common questions.

One of the things that I liked most about these episodes was that they don’t just tell you how something performs, they make the effort to actually show you. Of particular interest to me was in episode three where the difference between high and hyper velocity 22LR ammunition is tested in ballistic gel.

If you have a spare few minutes (or even if you don’t) check out their channel on the below link!

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