Hornady’s new ballistic calculator!

Hornady have released a new and improved version of their online ballistic calculator. There are basic and advanced settings which give you to ability to customise the data to suit your shooting conditions.

The calculator is typical of your general free online program but I find it a little easier to use than some of the others currently available. The format is straight forward and the calculated data is presented in an easy to understand chart.

The charts have a user friendly print function which is handy if you’re into having a cheat sheet with you when out in the field.

Another neat feature that Hornady have included is the listed amount of MOA adjustment needed for pre-determined ranges.

You can take a lot of guesswork out of the equation by using these simple ballistic programs and they are a great way to see what varying conditions will do to a bullets flight path.

Check it out by clicking the below link!


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