50gr Hornady SP Performance (Warning Graphic)


I thought I’d put up some pictures of how the 50gr Hornady’s perform from my .222 Remington.

I’ve been using these almost exclusively from my Remington for the past year or so and at one stage you could buy them in bulk bags of 500 for next to nothing.

Their accuracy is fantastic from my rifle and I use 20.5 grains of 2207 to push them at 3200fps. As you can see, even at this velocity they are quite explosive and they don’t seem to exit very often on a fully grown Fox. I certainly wouldn’t use them on anything bigger than small game.

I can only imagine what they would do to a Rabbit when used in a 22-250! In any case, it’s all over very quickly!

2 thoughts on “50gr Hornady SP Performance (Warning Graphic)”

  1. I wonder how similar these are to 55gr soft point projectiles. I find that rabbits explode regardless of what i shoot them with being so small and thin skinned. The 55gr soft points i’ve used (Remington and Winchester) out of my .223 show little to no expansion and exit on everything i’ve shot with them, even big roos spine shot right between the shoulders. Maybe the 50gr is more frangible. How much are they a box of 100?

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