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Our favourite hunting & shooting videos from the internet

Ammunition Torture Test – Awesome Must Watch Video.

SAMMI Ammo testIn this awesome video from SAAMI –¬†Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute tests how dangerous ammunition is in a variety of scenarios and it really is eye opening as to how safe ammunition is when there is an unconfined detonation of the primer, when ammunition is dropped, when ammunition is lit on fire, detonations with blasting caps and when ammunition is hit with a 308Win round and a whole heap of other scenarios.

The video is 25minutes long and a must for any shooter who keeps quantities of ammunition around.

SAAMI have done a brilliant job of dispelling the myths of ammunition.

Shotgun Reloading – Experimentation Style (22lr cases, washers, coins, M&Ms and more)

YouTuber  took requests from his fans to see what they wanted to see fired from a 12ga shotgun.

Here are the videos showing the results, one in real time the other in very good slow motion.

Just a reminder that this is a bit crazy and I don’t recommend trying it due to the risk of damaging yourself or more importantly (joke) ruining a good shotgun!

Real Time:

Slow Motion:

The Debutante Hunters – Short Film, Sundance Film Festival Award Winner.

The Debutante Hunters, a short film about women who consider hunting as a very important part of their lives.

A very lovely short film about a great topic.

The film won an Audience award at the Prestigious Sundance Film Festival.

I hope you guys enjoy: