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Ammunition Torture Test – Awesome Must Watch Video.

SAMMI Ammo testIn this awesome video from SAAMI – Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute tests how dangerous ammunition is in a variety of scenarios and it really is eye opening as to how safe ammunition is when there is an unconfined detonation of the primer, when ammunition is dropped, when ammunition is lit on fire, detonations with blasting caps and when ammunition is hit with a 308Win round and a whole heap of other scenarios.

The video is 25minutes long and a must for any shooter who keeps quantities of ammunition around.

SAAMI have done a brilliant job of dispelling the myths of ammunition.

Savage Mark II BTVS 22lr Rifle Review.

Savage MkII BTVS 22lr 1Savage rimfire rifles use to have the reputation of an agricultural rifle that would shoot and function as promised but not offer the refinement and class of some European rimfires.

In the past few years Savage have embarked on a mission to blow that reputation out of the water and totally refine their rimfire line.

Whilst Savage still offer great priced entry level rimfires, they have features that their famous centrefires posess such as the accutrigger. If you go up to the premium Savage rimfires you not only get the refinements that Savage have made to their entire rimfire line but you get a finish and aesthetics of a more expensive European rimfire.

Enter The Savage Mark II BTVS 22lr a rifle that has great looks and a high end finish for under $800.

From the best I can tell the “BTVS” stands for Boyds Thumbhole Varmint Stainless.

That is only a guess as I couldn’t find an official source but I reckon it is pretty reasonable guess.

Boyd’s (Boyds Gunstock Industries) is a famous stock maker in the US and many firearms manufacturers use their stocks so it is no surprise to see a Boyds stock on a Savage rifle.

BTVS StockIn addition to the nutmeg laminate stock, the rifle has a polished stainless finish which really makes the BTVS stand out from the crowd.

The BTVS weighs 7.5lbs which is 0.25lbs heavier than a standard Ruger 77 Hawkeye sporter so it is not as heavy as it feels but I think that the weighty feel is because it is in a compact package. This is perfectly reasonable for such a stable varminting platform and the rifle does not feel unbalanced.

The rifle has a 21” barrel with an overall length of 40”. I’m 6ft tall and I did not feel that it was too short or small for me. I shot the rifle comfortably in all shooting positions.

The 5 shot detachable magazine worked extremely well with nearly all ammunition, but more about that later.

On top of the rifle was a lovely Leupold VX-3 6.5-20×40 EFR Rimfire/air rifle scope. I really liked this scope, it had very repeatable clicks via its target turrets and beautifully clear and crisp optics that you would come to expect from a Leupold riflescope. The only down side I found was that the target dot was too fine to see clearly on black targets.

Savage MKII BTVS Left Hand SideAfter the rifle was sighted in at 50yds I went on to do some group testing with a variety of target and hunting ammunition.

A Selection of Ammunition Tested.
A Selection of Ammunition Tested.

By far the most accurate was the Lapua Midas 22lr Match ammunition I managed to put 4 shots into one very small hole and one just outside of it. I wasn’t even on a bench, I was shooting prone with bipods and could see the projectile hitting the target through the Leupold VX-3. I have every confidence that an experienced bench rest shooter could get far better groups than I did with the BTVS and Lapua Midas combination. I don’t think I have shot better groups with a 22lr.

An Extremely tight group from the BTVS and Lapua Midas
An Extremely tight group from the BTVS and Lapua Midas

This was an extremely accurate rifle once I found the type of ammunition that really made the rifle sing.

This is not to say it wasn’t accurate with most types, it was, shooting nearly all types tested under an inch at 50yds but the Lapua Midas was incredible.

It also performed well with the super-charged CCI Segmented HP shooting a 32grain projectile at 1640fps. The one thing I should caution you about these is that you had to take care of loading them in the magazine to get them to feed properly. This would be due to the Segmented HP being slightly longer than most other 22lr cartridges. Accuracy with the CCI Segmented HP’s was very good and exceeded my expectations as my experiences with Ultra-high velocity 22lr ammunition was not all positive.

After some accuracy testing I decided to test the Accutrigger with the Lyman Trigger Pull gauge.

Every Accutrigger I have shot has always peformed well with reliable and predictable let off the Accutrigger on the MKII BTVS was no exception.

The BTVS Trigger pull weight was around the 2.8-2.10lb mark. The weight of the trigger didn’t bother me for the review. In fact, the trigger performed so well that I thought it was a fair bit lighter than what it was but I would adjust it to be a little bit lighter if I was doing lots of precise shots with the BTVS.

After all the formalities were over I took to plinking with some Champion Targets and had a ball doing so. I had a choice of some rimfire metallic silhouette targets and some Champion Duraseal targets. I was shooting these reliably out to 100yds with BTVS and the correct amount of hold over.

In summary, I really loved the Savage MKII BTVS, I don’t know if you can buy a better looking, better performing rimfire rifle for its price. It proved to be an extremely accurate and reliable 22lr and one that punches well above its price range.

Buy the Savage MKII BTVSS Now At Abela’s Gunshop

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The Beretta 692 Launch.

Beretta-692-11On Monday the 25th March Abela’s Hunt & Shoot Network and Abela’s Gunshop attended the launch of the all new Beretta 692 Launch.

The Beretta 692 is a brand new design. The 692 comes in both Sporter and Trap models with more models to follow shortly. There are a tonne of new features on the 692 such as:

Steelium Plus Barrels

Wider Reciever (than the 682)

Beretta’s B-FAST System which allows the shooter to balance the shotgun to his or her preference.

And much more.

Not being a serious shotgun shooter it is hard for me to judge the firearm as I don’t know a lot about shotugns but Reno Morganti who was also with the Abela’s team is currently writing up his thoughts of the shotgun and we will have a full review very shortly.

In the mean time here is a video with the General Manager of Beretta Italy Carlo Ferlito and the Managing Director of Beretta Australia Luca Scribani Rossi talking about the 692:

Here are some photo’s from the day Click on the photos for a larger image:

Beretta Australia’s Headquarters in Dandenong, Victoria houses a very impressive display of Beretta, Sako, Tikka, Franchi and Stoeger. Some of the Beretta shotguns here are absolute works of art.



To Celebrate the launch of the 692 Elvis came and opened the event for Beretta:


After some information on the 692 the Sporter and the Trap Models were unveiled:


Mark and Danny from Abela’s Melbourne have a good look at the Beretta 692:



After the launch of the Beretta 692 we were off to Frankston Gunclub to have a shot, where Beretta Sponsored shooters Laetisha Scanlan, Olympians Russell & Lauren Mark were there to give some pointers to Australia’s Dealers and Journalists:



Abela’s Group Managing Director: David Abela putting the 692 through its paces:



Here I am having a go at some sporting clays. I’m not a clay shooter but I had a ball and am now seriously thinking about getting into the sport:


Reno Morganti having a shot. Whilst Reno shot well ask him how he went with the Tower!



The 692 Smashing an incoming Clay Target. This Photo was hard to get!




The Beretta 692 Sporter:



All up it was a great event, the gun from what I can tell is an amazing feat of engineering and it is amazing at just how much goes into to a shotgun, I often thought of a shotgun being a simple firearm but it really isn’t especially when you reach the level of the Beretta 692.

Thanks to Beretta Australia for hosting a great event.

If you are interest in the Beretta 692 please give Reno a call at Abela’s Gunshop on 02 46 26 322.