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Buying The Best – Sauer Rifle and Leica Optics – By Ben Smith

I have owned many firearms over my short life, when compared to some that have walked this earth before me. I have had everything from the good, the bad and just plain ugly in my safes. Generally the ones that fall into the latter two categories don’t last long in my hands and I am quite quick to sell them.

When I say the bad and the ugly that can be defined differently in everyone’s books, generally mine are sold because they don’t suit what I want in hunting related scenarios. All my rifles are for hunting so again if an aspect of a particular rifle isn’t practical for hunting use its good bye and farewell – onto another owner who will most likely be less fussy than me (if you don’t like why keep it?). Continue reading Buying The Best — Sauer Rifle and Leica Optics — By Ben Smith

The Budget Long Range Hunting Rifle. PT 4: Mounts.

EGW RailNow that I had selected the scope I would be using it was time to sort out the mounting

Starting with the mounts, I decided I needed a 20MOA rail which limited my options for the Tikka which were basically meant I had to settle for a 0MOA rail from Tikka, Evolution Gun Works 20MOA Rail or getting a gunsmith to fit a blank Nightforce Rail to the Tikka which would be costly .

I ended up going with the very well respected Evolution Gun Works 20MOA Rail as this would fit the bill perfectly and come in under $100. I would have preferred a steel rail but a quick email to EGW and they replied saying that as long as I use the correct torque settings I would be fine using steel rings. That was that problem solved.

Rings are a much easier proposition as there are literally thousands of options for Weaver/Picatinny rail rings. I wanted to get quality rings without breaking the bank, I have no need for quick detachable or tactical rings so I have decided on the great value Leupold PRW 30mm Rings for around the $100 mark. I am hoping to get away with medium height rings but may have to go for high rings depending on whether or not I get enough clearance with the mediums and the 50mm objective of the Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50mm Scope that I have selected. leupoldPRW



The Budget Long Range Hunting Rifle. PT 3: The Scope.

Once I had selected the rifle and cartridge, I had to select a suitable optic to sit atop of the rifle. The budget for the optics would be approximately $800-1200. They needed to be suitable for long range shooting so with that in mind the first few scopes that came to mind but most were over budget were as follows: Continue reading The Budget Long Range Hunting Rifle. PT 3: The Scope.

Tracking Point “Precision Guided Firearms” Good or Bad?

trackingpointBefore I start this blog I ask you guys to watch the following two videos and here is a brief explanation of how Tracking Point works:





To operate the PGF, the shooter…

  1. Paints the target with the tag to lock on
  2. Watches as the tag persists, regardless of relative movement
  3. Aligns the reticle with the tag to produce the firing solution
  4. Squeezes and holds the trigger to arm the system

When the reticle and tag are optimally aligned, the Networked Tracking Scope releases the guided trigger. As long as you can tag it, you can hit it.

The Tracking point system which is the rifle, scope, ammunition and a tablet that is used as one to basically turn the shooter into a turret that points the gun in the right direction and makes the choice of approximately when the firearm should fire.

All you need to do is input the wind and it takes care of every single thing for you. You “paint” a target and when you are ready to fire you pull the trigger and the gun will go off when it feels it can make the shot which means the gun won’t fire when you pull the trigger, it will wait until the computer is certain of a hit.

It is fascinating technology and some serious smarts have gone into it, I love it as a piece of tech it is amazing stuff and really makes it easy for anyone to shoot long range with limited firearms knowledge and shooting skill.

I guess the thing that really annoyed me was after watching all the back slapping in the LR Hunting video (the second video) they made it out as if they were pulling off incredible feats. The rifle is making incredible shots, the shooter isn’t, the shooter requires little to no skill to operate the gun and thus I feel that it takes marksmanship away from the marksman.

Again it is an amazing feat of technology, it would work great and I would love to have a go at it, but to me it renders the skill of the shooter useless as this system does it all for you short of selecting a target and telling it when it should fire at said target.

I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this innovation.

tracking point