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Dave’s 270Win Ammo Tests!

I’ve always reckoned that the old adage,’ignorance is bliss’, just won’t cut it when it comes to owning and shooting a rifle without ever knowing its true potential. The old days of simply grabbing a box of ammo off the shelf and’ heading out West’ are long gone and pretty much every shooter has the knowledge to source the best ammo for his rifle and the range of ammo available is quite staggering. Continue reading

The Military Roots of Olympic Biathlon

hunting biathlon 300x202 The Military Roots of Olympic BiathlonHere is a great article by Ian McCollum from The Firearm Blog about the history of Biathlon which I thought would be good to share whilst the 2014 Olympics are underway.

Biathlon seems like a grueling sport that incorporates shooting skill, endurance and toughness like no other.

The history of the sport is very interesting, starting off as an event called “Military Patrol” in the 1924 Chamonix Games in Paris and up until 1978 they used centrefires, typically 6mm or 6.5mm but now they use the humble 22lr.


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