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Lonerider’s Hare Recipe

Even number of hare fillets.
Minced hare leg.
1 egg white.
White pepper and salt.
Smoked bacon strips.
1 onion.

step 1 :
Mix the minced hare leg with egg, white pepper and salt [not too much salt as smoked bacon is salty]

Flatten the fillets

Lay them in seasoned flour

Lay bacon strips along the fillets.

Cover with the mince

Lay sorrel or sage leaves over the mince.

Cover this with the another fillet.

step 2:
Heat oil in a round pot.
Cook the chopped onion until its light golden.
Cook hare until coloured,turn it over and cover with white wine or beer.
Bring to the boil until done.

Jason’s Fallow Loin Chop Schnitzel

After a few mates asked how I cooked these I thought I would share
Firstly you will need:
Cheapo bread crumbs
Couple of eggs
Southern fried chicken coating mix or like
and of course your meat.
These are 14 day dry aged fallow loin chops , i have used this recipe on everything for roo to buff

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