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Buying The Best – Sauer Rifle and Leica Optics – By Ben Smith

I have owned many firearms over my short life, when compared to some that have walked this earth before me. I have had everything from the good, the bad and just plain ugly in my safes. Generally the ones that fall into the latter two categories don’t last long in my hands and I am quite quick to sell them.

When I say the bad and the ugly that can be defined differently in everyone’s books, generally mine are sold because they don’t suit what I want in hunting related scenarios. All my rifles are for hunting so again if an aspect of a particular rifle isn’t practical for hunting use its good bye and farewell – onto another owner who will most likely be less fussy than me (if you don’t like why keep it?). Continue reading


Dave’s 270Win Ammo Tests!

I’ve always reckoned that the old adage,’ignorance is bliss’, just won’t cut it when it comes to owning and shooting a rifle without ever knowing its true potential. The old days of simply grabbing a box of ammo off the shelf and’ heading out West’ are long gone and pretty much every shooter has the knowledge to source the best ammo for his rifle and the range of ammo available is quite staggering. Continue reading


The Budget Long Range Hunting Rifle: PT 5 Reloading Dies, Brass & Brass Preparation.

hunting R FDS e1389679293393 300x300 The Budget Long Range Hunting Rifle: PT 5 Reloading Dies, Brass & Brass Preparation.

Welcome to Part 5 of the Series. To check out the rest of the series please visit:

Whilst waiting for my rifle I took the opportunity to prepare all of my brass so I can get straight into loading once I have my rifle.

To do the brass prep I had to select what dies I would use, I decided I would start off with a Full Length Sizing Die Set and consider a neck sizing die later on down the track when I needed it. Continue reading

A Years Worth of Rifle Reviews.

Well we reviewed some pretty great rifles in 2013 here’s the list of the rifles we reviewed.

It is just amazing how much good stuff there is on the market at the moment, every gun I tested did not disappoint, whilst every gun had its quirks or things I didn’t particularly like for they definitely were good guns for their respective budgets.

Anyway Enjoy!


The Howa 1500 Hogue in 223Rem Review.

hunting Howa1 800x530 A Years Worth of Rifle Reviews.

Savage Mark II BTVS 22lr Rifle Review.

hunting savagemkiibtvs1 800x671 A Years Worth of Rifle Reviews.

Browning X-Bolt Stainless Stalker in 25-06Rem Review

hunting browning x bolt05 800x530 A Years Worth of Rifle Reviews.

Sako 85 Varmint Stainless in 223 Rem Review.

hunting Sako85 Varmint Stainless 10 800x530 A Years Worth of Rifle Reviews.

Colt M2012 CLR 308Win Video Review.

hunting coltm2012 800x621 A Years Worth of Rifle Reviews.