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You’ll Never Guess What Other Firearms Howa Makes!

Howa2Australian’s are very fond of the Howa 1500 bolt action rifle. The Howa 1500 would be well within the top ten of rifles sold in Australia and for good reason, they are affordable, accurate and highly customisable and we have a full range available at Abela’s!

Whilst you may know that Howa makes firearms and components for companies such as Mossberg, Weatherby and Smith and Wesson.

But did you know that Howa makes military firearms for Japan?

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Western Australia Police Have Power To Recategorise Cat B Firearms To Cat D – Nioa TV

Matt Williamson from Nioa TV presents this great piece on WA Police and their legislated ability to re-categorise Cat B bolt action rifles to the prohibited (in WA) Category D purely based on looks alone.  This is a must watch for every Australian firearm owner and is a lesson that we must be vigilant and fight these issues together.


Buying The Best – Sauer Rifle and Leica Optics – By Ben Smith

I have owned many firearms over my short life, when compared to some that have walked this earth before me. I have had everything from the good, the bad and just plain ugly in my safes. Generally the ones that fall into the latter two categories don’t last long in my hands and I am quite quick to sell them.

When I say the bad and the ugly that can be defined differently in everyone’s books, generally mine are sold because they don’t suit what I want in hunting related scenarios. All my rifles are for hunting so again if an aspect of a particular rifle isn’t practical for hunting use its good bye and farewell – onto another owner who will most likely be less fussy than me (if you don’t like why keep it?). Continue reading Buying The Best — Sauer Rifle and Leica Optics — By Ben Smith