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Buying The Best – Sauer Rifle and Leica Optics – By Ben Smith

I have owned many firearms over my short life, when compared to some that have walked this earth before me. I have had everything from the good, the bad and just plain ugly in my safes. Generally the ones that fall into the latter two categories don’t last long in my hands and I am quite quick to sell them.

When I say the bad and the ugly that can be defined differently in everyone’s books, generally mine are sold because they don’t suit what I want in hunting related scenarios. All my rifles are for hunting so again if an aspect of a particular rifle isn’t practical for hunting use its good bye and farewell – onto another owner who will most likely be less fussy than me (if you don’t like why keep it?). Continue reading Buying The Best — Sauer Rifle and Leica Optics — By Ben Smith

Dave’s 270Win Ammo Tests!

I’ve always reckoned that the old adage,’ignorance is bliss’, just won’t cut it when it comes to owning and shooting a rifle without ever knowing its true potential. The old days of simply grabbing a box of ammo off the shelf and’ heading out West’ are long gone and pretty much every shooter has the knowledge to source the best ammo for his rifle and the range of ammo available is quite staggering. Continue reading Dave’s 270Win Ammo Tests!

Zeiss Conquest HD 10×42 Binocular Review.


The Territory was dry, and that’s to say the least. The strangle hold of the worst wet season in a decade was showing it still had a tight grip. What was once a lush green wetland, blanketed in cane grass and lignum were now nothing but cratered dustpans. Every now and then fossils of last year’s fairy clams and crabs were swept the surface by the balmy winds. When the water had dried up, the pigs and buffalo disappeared as well. The creeks which flowed off the mighty Roper river were now a series of billabongs and waterholes, trapping the migrating barramundi to a certain death. It was close to dark as we decided to head back to camp. The sky was a deep amber as the sun fell below the horizon and burnt out black stumps lay throughout the dusty swamps. I lifted my new Zeiss conquest HD binoculars to have one last look before we called it a day. In an instant those black stumps grew curly black tails and wicked ivory tusks…………………. It was game on!

Zeiss have been highly regarded in the optics industry for decades. In a class equal to the likes of Swarovski, Leica and Khales, Zeiss have always pushed the envelope with their innovative designs and proven European quality. The old Conquest Binoculars were a pleasure to look through, crisp and sharp in every aspect and at a significantly higher price. The New High Definition (HD) series is a superb addition to the Zeiss Inventory. The completely redesigned Conquest HDs are a full roof prism binocular made in Germany to the highest quality standards.

As soon as you open the box you get the impression that you have just purchased a premium product. Encased in Zeiss blue foam for protection the rest of the accessories are housed in separate compartment of the box. The 10x42s tested are very compact and comfortable to hold, weighing in at 750grams. The new rubberised coating is a great upgrade from the glossy finish of the old model Conquest and feels strong, giving the user a confident grip even when wearing gloves. The detail and finish of the binoculars shows that Zeiss have put a lot of thought and effort into this fantastic, well priced unit.


The mechanics are what you would expect of Zeiss, silky smooth and Precise. The traditional solid bridge design is strong and sturdy. Focusing is very easy with the Conquest HD thanks to an oversized smooth and freely rotating focus wheel, which unfortunately is only large enough for one finger. It is also rubber coated bearing the words “Made In Germany”. Diopter adjustment is a non locking ring located at the right eyepiece like in other traditional models. It is easy to use and has enough friction to hold the ring in place. Twist out eyecups feature a 3 detent lock system to adjust your eye relief out to 18mm, which is a great addition for anyone who wears glasses.

Looking through the HDs sets these binoculars apart from anything else in this price range. The image is crisp and razor sharp. Clarity and sharpness is outstanding all the way to the edges. Perfect, vivid color rendition makes objects appear to jump out at you. The lenses carry Zeiss’s LotuTec water-repellent coating. These lenses are essentially the same lenses used in the much higher priced Victory HT models.

Field of view at 1000 meters is claimed to be 128 meters making it one of the best in its class. Objects can be focused in as close as 2 meters. All HD models are waterproof and fogproof. The Zeiss website claim to offer a Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty in addition to a NO FAULT 5 year policy for the original owner.

These mid priced binoculars stand up to the best of the best for around the half the price. I believe that this is all the binocular the average hunter will need. In comparison to other mid priced European made optics such as Meopta and Steiner, The Conquest HD were a cut above, by a long shot. Making a difference between a successful hunt and a great time in the bush, these are well worth a look for anyone wanting to purchase an outstanding pair of binoculars.

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ZeissHDBino2Review by: Joe Amoroso.


New Friends, Good Times and My First Fallow!


By Amy Hansen:

Hey Amy, it’s Dodge (AKA Rhyse), my mate Keith and I are going on a Fallow hunt next weekend, are you and Tom in”? That’s the gist of the phone call I received on a quiet Monday afternoon, of course I replied with a very enthusiastic “YES”!

I only took up shooting 2 years ago when I met my current partner Tom, I thought it was only fair that since he took me to see movies with Channing Tatum in them I should make an effort to get involved with his hobbies, and after my first hunt I knew I was hooked. Continue reading New Friends, Good Times and My First Fallow!