SHOT Expo 2012 Videos.

Here are all of our videos from the 2012 SSAA SHOT Expo.

First off we have Spika, who are famous for their gun safes, these guys are relatively new to the shooting world but have a great and expanding line of products:

Secondly we have Dahlgren Trading, these guys import awesome knives and axes from Sweden:

Tactical Solutions Australia have managed to pull off the impossible: Convince Australian Customs to allow Tannerite into the country. A common sense decision and one that means a lot of fun for us:

Tannerite is a binary exploding rifle target system for use with high velocity rifle cartridges, 22lr and handgun cartridges will not set it off.

This is a huge win for us in Australia and I can’t wait to review some.

Here’s Matt from Tactical Solutions Australia:

Finally we have a huge video from Winchester Australia:



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