Leatherman Charge AL Multi-Tool Review

The Leatherman Charge AL is a versatile multi-tool from leatherman.
Offering 17 different tools and 8 bits.

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Here is a run down of the tools:

Needlenose Pliers/Regular Pliers

These pliers are extremely handy, from using them fishing, to repairing fences they have a heap of uses and they are extremely reliable. They are of great quality.




Wire Cutters/Hard-wire Cutters

The Wire cutters on the Charge AL are extremely good, whilst it may take some effort to cut heavier gauge fencing wire it gets the job done when you need it and that is great from a multi-tool.



154CM Knife

The knife comes extremely sharp right out of the box and with a bit of work on a sharpening stone and steel this knife will shave the hairs off of your arm. The length is 7.37cm.




420HC Serrated Knife

I personally haven’t had much use for the serrated knife but it would be handy when you need to cut rope or other tough materials.




The saw is a handy item to have, its only limitation is it’s length. It cut through an inch thick piece of hardwood (gumtree) with relative ease, it did take some effort but I do believe it is the saw’s length that makes it a bit harder. All round though its great to have on the tool and it’s amazing the uses you find for it.




The scissors on the Charge AL are great, they are springloaded and cut very easily and neatly. From cutting fishing line to nails to thread the scissors have not let me down.



Wood/Metal File and Diamond-coated File

Finally! A good quality file on a multi-tool. This file actually works like a file not a bumpy piece of steel like other multi-tools I’ve used in the past.



Large Bit Driver

The Large bit driver is probably the tool I use most on the Charge AL. It comes with the following bits:
Phillips #1-2 and Screwdriver 3/16″, Screwdriver 1/8″ and Torx #15, Hex 5/32″ and 9/64″, Hex 1/8″ and 7/64″, Hex 3/32″ and 5/64″, Hex 1/16″ and .050″, Square Drive #2 and #3, Phillips Eyeglass Screwdriver and Flat Tip .

Whilst they bits are actually flat and not round, I have used these extensively on everything from mounting a scope to fixing door handles and heaps more. This I think is one of the most important features on this multi-tool.

Small Bit Driver

Great for tiny screws, the Charge AL comes with a very small straight blade and phillips head driver.





Medium Screwdriver

Straight blade screwdriver, I must admit I haven’t used this as I just use the large bit driver but if you need to apply some serious torque to a slotted screw this would be what you use.





Ruler (8 inch/19 cm)

The ruler goes across both handles, I wouldn’t use it to measure case length but it is certainly enough to make sure you make a correct cut.




Bottle Opener
Can Opener
Wire Stripper

The last three are self explanatory and work as well as any other.




As you can see The Charge AL has a great range of tools including the really handy changeable bits that come included with the Charge AL, the knife is of great quality and I would happily use it for any job if I only had the Charge AL with me.

After having used pretty much every tool the Leatherman Charge AL has to offer I can honestly say that this is a great multi-tool that can get you out of trouble in nearly every situation.

None of the tools are hard to get out and the charge comes with a sheath with a belt loop so you can wear it on your belt.

I hadn’t owned a Multi-tool for a while and the Leatherman Charge AL is the most useful one I’ve owned but I never realised just how much you use it when there is one within reach.

Prices for the Leatherman Charge AL seem to range from about $150-170 AUD it is money well spent if you ask me.

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