Fox Skinning with a Pro Fox Shooter.

In this video you will meet Grunge. A top bloke who is probably one of the fastest fellas when it comes to skinning a fox these days (I’m sure back in the old days there were many as fast and faster than him).

The most fascinating part of this is how he removes the tail.

6 thoughts on “Fox Skinning with a Pro Fox Shooter.”

  1. Wow – top job taking these 2 pelts off!
    Something that I was shown a few years ago was to sandwich the tail between 2 sticks & pull the it through that way. I found this really helpful because stripping them can sometimes be a bit tough.

  2. Sorry – was going to ask earlier what your thoughts are about protecting yourself from the smell & diseases they carry?
    Usually like washing my hands with Dettol after skinning but am wondering what else people recommend?

  3. makes it look so easy i would of made a mess tryn to do it that fast.probaly would of ended up with 1/2 a skin.good stuff

  4. THANK YOU New to shooting and have been told by the (old guys)too hard don’t bother that was so informative will give it a go next hunt (maybe even turn a few heads;-) thanks again

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