Hunt & Shoot Radio Ep: 24 – 09 Wrap Up


Current News:

Duck-hunting season extended – Sydney Morning Herald

Breathing space for lions from shoot to thrill kill – Sydney Morning Herald

Fears of camel cull disrupting food chain – ABC Online

Fox sceptics distract, says inquiry – Tasmania Examiner

Fox control effort praised – Country News.

Top Stories of 09

ausvarmint is in the herald

Gun Amnesty – Was it a Success?

3,299 firearms surrendered , including 2,440 rifles, 691 shotguns, 168


  • · 75 replica firearms;
  • · 777 pieces of ammunition;
  • · 157 firearms parts;
  • · 112 telescopic sites; and
  • · 66 other prohibited items including knives, silencers and cross bows.

Does not mention how many guns were registered.

Perhaps a gun amnesty should be in force permanately to get illegal guns off the streets?

Hot Topics

Victorians wanting to advertise guns for sale, Govt reply.Bob Cameron reply dec09.pdf

What’s the best Fox cartridge out to 400 yards?

Supressors… worth the effort?

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