SA Police’s Response to Large Calibre Rifle issue.

Firstly Read this:

SA Police Response to Large Calibre Rifle issue.

Whilst it may sound reasonable think about the following statement made by NitroX on the forum:

The fact the SA Police have gone to the effort of putting out a three page response saying there is no ban says to me the email and letter campaign has had some effect.

No ban, but …

… they have said no animal requires these sorts of cartridges for hunting, therefore most probably no valid justification for hunting within SA. They have said a .308 is used by cullers for camels therefore a .338 Lapua or whatever is not needed.

— they have said interstate or international hunting is not a valid reason to own.

— they have said there is no range in SA where they can be used.

Therefore if there are no valid (in their eyes) justifications, it is an effective ban.

Also what stops them in the future adding other similar, even more powerful cartridges to the “not banned” list.

I do not agree with the above three points, especially that interstate/international and SA hunting are not valid reasons to own.

Keeping this sort of stuff “under the table” in “amicable” discussions probably means we just loose yet another battle and in the end the war. Lets win this one instead.

We do have an election on at the moment too. Get out there and talk to your local members and candidates.

This is a really important issue that all Australian Shooter’s need to take note of. Remember that no matter what shooting sport you are interested in we have a duty to protect every shooting sport no matter what. As soon as we go well I don’t shoot x or y so it doesn’t matter will be one step until they come after your chosen sport. Shooters MUST stick together or they will divide and conquer us all.

South Australian readers please vote wisely on March 20, Vote for those who will protect your freedoms as shooters and hunters.

4 thoughts on “SA Police’s Response to Large Calibre Rifle issue.”

  1. I cannot see how the fire arms branch can make up these
    regulations,requirements on owning these large calibres. I own a .338 Lapua, and my thinking is that if they do take my firarm, I will go and buy something larger. eg. .338 Rum. or larger. It just goes to show they have no idea what they talking about. I think they have been watching to much pay TV….

  2. AT the end of the day any calibre is capable of killing a person when in the wrong hands, making bands on larger calibres is pointless and bias towards lawful gun owners/users. I wish they took any note of the statistics of deaths and injuries from lawful licenced shooters, then they would realise its not where firearm problems lie.

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