Review: Winchesters Power-Point 42 Max 22LR Ammo!

Winchesters 22LR Power Point 42 Max ammunition has been available for several months now, however due to work commitments I only recently got around to trying them out for myself.

I’ve been having some issues with my CZ model 2E recently and because of this we’ve developed a sort of love hate relationship. It’s only since it came back from a certain gunsmith that I seem to be getting erratic groups to a point of it having shot better before the work was done. In any case it’s accurate enough for hunting purposes and it rarely misses when out in the field, which explains why I’m not in a huge rush to sort the issue. With the rifles fussiness in mind, I decided to give the Winchester ammo a workout at the local range.

Before I go into the results, it’s worth pointing out the features of the ammunition for anyone who hasn’t had exposure to the advertising.

Most 22lr shooters will have heard of Winchesters Power Point ammunition and its excellent reputation. I’ve been using it almost exclusively for the last few years out of several different rifles. I did go through a period of time when I was using CCI’s Velocitors but as their price went up I found them harder to get in my area and eventually switched back to the faithful Power Points.

Winchesters newer Power Point 42 Max is basically an upgraded version of the older Power Point (non 42 Max named) ammunition. The 42 Max version uses a projectile which is two grains heavier and is claimed to have a muzzle increase of around 40fps. The 42 grain projectile is still a copper plated hollow point which is designed for hunting.

I decided to Chrony both the Power Point 42 Max and the normal Power Points to see how much difference there was and also to establish if Winchesters velocity claims were valid. From my rifle I averaged 1258fps from the standard Power Points and 1312fps from the 42 Max version. So even though I was using a projectile that was slightly heavier, I was still getting an increase of 54 fps! We can also see that Winchesters listed velocities are indeed real world figures.

Next I wanted to test for accuracy to see if they could live up to the expectations set by their little brothers. All testing was done at 50 meters and measurements were taken in millimetres. I apologise to any shooters still using inches but I’ve been forcing myself to get with the times due to criticism of being “old fashioned”.

The average group size taken over ten groups shot on the same day was 19.3mm. The largest group for the day was 25.5mm and the smallest was a tiny 12mm. That’s pretty much as good my rifle (or myself) can shoot.

A couple of Power Point 42 Max groups! Very impressed with smaller of the two, even with the flyer!

I’m confident that the Power Point 42 Max ammo will provide all the practical hunting accuracy we need, but how do they preform of game? Well for this part of the review I have to really on Keith’s (site owner and general pain in the backside) opinion as I haven’t yet had the chance to field test them.

Keith actually managed to bag several foxes with the Power Point 42 Max’s which should be testament to their excellent accuracy in itself! In all instances the ammo performed as expected and Keith was over the moon that he actually hit something!

One of Keith's Foxes

Given the results in my rifle, I’ve decided to switch over to using the Power Point 42 Max’s and I can’t see myself steering away from them anytime soon! They’re competitive in price and performance and are available at all major gun stores. That’s all any hunter could hope for!

6 thoughts on “Review: Winchesters Power-Point 42 Max 22LR Ammo!”

  1. Very funny smartarse.
    The 42Max (See how I corrected your post to reflect the actual brand name?)are a great little round, I’ve some experience using the Subsonic 42max as well and they kill bunnies like a HV round. My cousin uses them in his Marlin Lever action and doesn’t use anything else now.

    Can’t wait to see the review on the subs and I once again will provide you with the info you need for the hunting examples haha.

    Good article btw Jason.

  2. Hey guys,

    Great article and great to hear the positive feedback. I had some trouble with the original power points and turned off them for a while. I think I’d better give the 42max’s a hit.

    Looking forward to your sub-sonic reviews.



  3. The only problem with Power point ammo is that it won’t feed through the 15 round after market mags, no problems with the 5 and 10 shot CZ original mags tho. Powerpoints are exceptionally accurate and excellent for hunting small game.

  4. I can attest to the knock down capability of these rounds. Recently bagged numerous foxes and large hares with an old Winchester 9422XTR, a Parker Hale 3-9 wide view scope. Deadly.

  5. Hi, I have a ratty old Squibman (Philippines) that shoots 15 mm all day, the 42 power max powerpoints shoot 13 to 20 mm over 50 yards, ( mug shooter and nikon 3-9×40 ) however I had a problem with the cases refusing to extract, after much brain racking, it turns out that a previous owner had dry fired the rifle and put a small burr on the rear edge of the chamber and the extra power of these rounds was enough to fire form over the burr and prevent the extraction of the case, problem solved

  6. Winchester sub`s I shoot through a Savage .22lr mrII fv and I would not put anything else in my gun they are better then power points we shoot milk bottle tops at 50m no problem

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