Malabar Range – Closure

| June 20, 2011 | 6 Comments

Unfortunately this is not new news, but it has also not made it into the media as much as we would all prefer.

The Federal Minister for Finance has issued eviction notices for the majority of users at the Malabar range site in Sydney.  These notices take effect on 31 October 2011.

The reason given is asbestos buried by the government in the 1940′s.

I’m sure the eviction orders have nothing to do with the estimated $2.5 BILLION the land is worth.  It’s not like a couple of BILLION dollars will help the Labour government move back into the black quicker…..on hang on, it will.  Whilst the government says that there are no plans to sell the land, I’m not convinced.

Go the peition to save Malabar from closure here.

More information from the Sydney Morning Herald

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  1. ScottW says:

    I’ve already signed the protest, even though I’ve never been to the range or reside in NSW.

    Just what is the government claiming they are going to do with the land? If you’re evicting someone you must have a plan for the land, and it should be a matter of public interest for the government to declare that.

  2. Terry Glover says:

    As above not a resident of N.S.W. but have signed the protest need to ensure that these places stay open not close

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