Lyman’s Turbo Charger Re-activator

Is your tumbler not polishing your brass as well as it used to? Before you head out to purchase a new bag of media, there’s a product call “Lyman Turbo Charger” that can be used to re-activate your tumblers contents.

Turbo Charger has been around for years and anyone who’s been using a tumbler for any period of time will have probably already heard of it. I purchased a 102 gram bottle of it when I noticed that my cases were coming out dusty and not properly polished. A bottle of this size will give you several treatments on a standard sized tumbler. The bottle cost me $10.00 as opposed to the $50.00 that the store wanted for new polishing media.

The product is in liquid form and you simply pour the dosage into the media and then turn the tumbler on to disperse the re-activator. The colour of the media change’s to a darker colour and has an almost (but not quite) oily feel to it.

With the one dosage the media is now back to cleaning as it originally did and I’ve since polished several hundred cases without having to re-apply. It’s always good to find a great product that saves some money in the process!

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