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Update: Olympic Swimmers Coming Under Fire For Posing With Shotguns

Now news organisations are starting to question whether or not there is need for outrage.

Well of course there isn’t!

Chef de Mission of the Australian Olympic Team and former Oarsome Foursome Gold Medalist Nick Green is quoted as saying things like this:

“These postings are foolish and clearly inappropriate for members of the 2012 Australian Olympic Team,”
“We say again to our athletes, do not put anything up on social media that you would not share with your mother or your grandmother.”

The only person that needs to be disciplined for this is Nick Green, does the Chef de Mission of the Australian Olympic Team. not know that there is a large contingent of shooters competing for their country?

What about the offence that Nick Green has caused the Olympic Shooting Team and their mothers and grandmothers?

Here’s what Swimming Australia has to say about it:

“This is a timely reminder for athletes to be more responsible to themselves, the public with whom they engage through social media, and the reputation of the sport,”

More responsible?

How is posting with legal firearms at a firing range irresponsible?

At least Dawn Fraser come to their defence.

Also the public seems to be asking why this is even news and I agree with them, it is clearly not news and Swimming Australia and Nick Green should both be ashamed of themselves.

I really cannot believe that this is a news issue and how anti-gun the media, the AOC and Swimming Australia is being. It truly sickens me that we are made to feel like criminals in our society when licensed shooters are the most scrutinised segment of society requiring police checks and permission off of the Government to enjoy our sport and past time.

If you want to contact Swimming Australia to express your concern you can do so here:

If you want to contact the Australian Olympic Commission do so here:

Just please remember to be polite and get your point across as eloquently as you can.


9 thoughts on “Update: Olympic Swimmers Coming Under Fire For Posing With Shotguns”

  1. How would you feel if your were an Olympic Competitor in Firearm Sports after all that was said. “Inappropriate!”Was used to described this picture. I did not find it inappropriate. But the lesson is not putting you life on line eh? The anti gun lobby is a mystical organization of unknown origin or numbers. But hey listen to them. I would like to go to a gun shop in American if I was rich enough!

    It just proves prejudice and discrimination againt any “holder!” of a firearm! Holding a firearm is nothing sinister or immoral. What was the purpose of the media’s report and the comments of the Olympic Committee? It can only be defamatory to all of us. How many times do we have to say “We are not Criminals or murderers!” Every man has a penis but does that make him a rapist? What does the anti penis lobby and Olympic Committee say about that?

  2. Get to it everyone, both Swimming Australia and the Olympic Committee need to be sent a very clear message from us all on this. As stated above, a straightforward but polite email would be much appreciated I’m sure by these athletes. Holding a gun gets you reprimanded??!! It makes my blood boil!
    If the Olympic Committee won’t reverse their decisions, I wonder if the pair have any legal grounds to contest, and if us gun and freedom supporters could support them in this, at least financially?

  3. Hi all,
    I heard an interview with the woman who owns the gun store that these two had this photo taken in. She stated that “our” reaction highlighted the differences between out 2 cultures. Well I have to disagree. What it does highlight is the differences between their and our media. Our media see gun use (lawful and unlawful) as a sensationalist subject that can create a beat up over and either sell papers or attract viewers. We as shooters suffer the fallout from the sensationalist reporting. As for the AOC. Never forget that they (like a lot of other organisations) get a lot of government funding and we all know that all levels of government in this country have an agenda against lawful firearms use and ownership. What the AOC did was just play out the quid pro quo of receiving that government backing.

    These two are muppits and I am not a fan of either, however they did nothing wrong or unlawful and the resulting media coverage and reaction by the AOC was disgusting.

    There are more people killed and injured by medical malpractice, motor cycles and trucks in this country than firearms and I am sick to death of my chosen sport being demonised by the media and governments.

  4. Honestly, all parties involved are at fault.

    1. Both of these swimmers have a history of stupid behavior – pull your heads in guys, keep your noses clean from now on, and just show pictures of you kissing babies, kittens and puppies on social media.

    2. The AOC need to pull their heads in too. They are dealing with young enthusiastic people for the most part, and mistakes will be made. It’s just these days the most innocent act can be mis interpreted and re broadcast to the world in nano seconds, while back in the day it was all kept under wraps.

  5. Smokey,

    Point one is totally irrelevant and false. Those past matters were dealt with by the courts of this country and have zero bearing on this matter. Those who think this photo is a justifiable excuse to re-try and re-punish them for unrelated past actions are hypocrites. Fact is, NO OFFENCE WAS COMMITTED and the past issues were dealt with.

    Point two is a misrepresentation. No ‘mistakes’ were made by these guys, other than Monk having his fingers on the triggers. The suggestion it was a mistake only empowers the hypocrites in justifying their persecution of individuals for non-crimes.

    The AOC are hypocrites, they are trying to protect their tax payer funded salaries by stomping on any behaviour which may upset hypersensitive morons.

    The actions of the AOC and Swimming Australia are not representing this nation in a good light. They are misusing tax payer funds to hold witch hunts to the overall detriment of Australia. They deserved to be sacked.

    I won’t be supporting the AOC or Swimming Australia, excluding shooting sports, ever again. They don’t represent me or this country and, have no respect for the law and fair play.

  6. I do not want to hog the site but what about our Firearm Competitors in the Team. What if they want to be pictured with their firearm that they compete with? Is that wrong? Does that bring our sport into disripute? Have they committed any outrage or an offence? There are just too many Government and para government Organizations with too much power and too much time on their hands and access to the ever hungry media machine. They are too intrusive on our lives.

    Watch what happens shortly in Greece when they are over burdened with bureaucracy. We are heading down the same path where Organizations and Government are becoming too intrusive on our activities and bleeding everything out of us.They have trips and meetings followed by functions discussing these young bloke’s plight or punishment on our money.

    The A.O.C. is Government Funded they are not independent of the Government!

    I say good luck to our Firearms Olympic Team and we respect and honour your achievements.

    I wish these Committee members would realize that it is better to be a competitor for one second of your life than a spectator, observer or committee member for the rest of your life.

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