Tikka’s New T3 Sporter

Tikka have just released the Tikka T3 Sporter which has been designed to be competitive in target shooting all the while still able to be used for hunting.

I would imagine that this is a re-imagining of the old Tikka Master Sporter that they used to make.

The Tikka site lists that the T3 Sporter comes chambered in the following cartridges: 222 REM, 223 REM, 6.5×55 SE, 260 REM, 308 WIN

Features include: adjustable cheek piece, a 20 or 24inch barrel, adjustable butt plate, threaded muzzle and in my opinion a very sexy black/orange laminated stock.

I really like the look of the rifle and can’t wait to try one out. No word on whether or not they will ship to Australia or if they do whether or not all of the listed chamberings  will be available as I know in the US they currently only offer the .223 and 22-250rem.

As soon as I have more details I will share them with you.

For information visit Tikka’s Website:

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