The Ruger GSR: Ruger’s New Scout Rifle

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Ruger has just announced their new scout rifle The Ruger GSR (Gunsite Scout Rifle).

The Lee Enfield No 5 Jungle Carbine

Chambered in 308win and featuring a 10 shot detachable magazine, 16.5 inch barrel and weighing in at 7lbs the GSR reminds me of a modern version of the famous Jungle Carbine (Lee Enfield Mk 5).

The GSR has a flash supressor, picatinny rail, ghost ring sights and a black laminate stock.

This rifle has me excited and it is sure to excite the pig hunters in Australia, offering a light, short barrelled hunting rifle that is perfect for carrying in thick scrub or on a quad.

I have already put my order in for a review unit of one of these rifles and will have a review up as soon as one is available to me.

That being said I have been told they haven’t even been confirmed for Australia yet but there is no reason why they shouldn’t be. I was also told that there is virtually no chance of seeing them on our shores before the second quarter of the year.

As we have more information pertaining to the Australian release of this rifle we will be the first to let you know.

11 thoughts on “The Ruger GSR: Ruger’s New Scout Rifle”

  1. Currently quoted prices (I noticed on an unnamed website today) have it at roughly $1100, with availability roughly mid-2011.

    I’m looking for a 308W and this could be the ticket, as long as they do something about the stock finish (I hate the look of laminated stocks).

    Oh, no flash suppressor for Australia and a slightly longer barrel (18 inch I believe).

    I hope it reviews as well as a looks (laminate aside).

  2. Wow Scott you are the first person I know of who has said the hate the look of laminated stocks. Not to fear though… You could paint it black or buy a stock of your choice.
    I think the laminated stock looks great!

  3. Call me a traditionalist Keith, but I prefer real timber or a single colour polymer. Multi-hued laminates, particularly some of the more garish colours are not my thing.

    Despite all this, I would have to admit the GSR laminate is probably one of the better looking schemes.

    Painting is an option but the idea of repainting a new rifle doesn’t seem right.

    A true camo scheme would be nice though. Camo tape would be a another option.

  4. I’d done more research on the GSR and think it will be an excellent all rounder and suited to my needs. Just a matter of waiting to see exactly what the Australian version will be.

    I do know it’ll be 18inch barrel without the flash hider.

    Questions remain:

    1. How many mags will come with the rifle? Some US stores are supplying 2 x 10round mags as standard. I suspect we’ll get only a single 10 round mag.

    2. Will we be able to purchase additional magazines at prices comparable to the US?

    3. Will the Ruger scope rings included?

    4. Will the barrel be threaded, and will it be permissible to fit a flash hider (reducer)?

    5. Finally, I hope XS Sights have the prototype long rail conversion in production by the time the rifles land in Australia.

    Meanwhile, I’ll continue to dream whilst saving my pennies.

  5. Some info re the Ruger GSR Au release:

    * Barrel length is 16.5″ (despite some ppl talking of 18″ barrels for au)
    * Price is ~$1100
    * Delivery about mid 2011
    * no flash suppressor
    * stainless finish (as opposed the matte black that I have seen on all the US sites regarding this rifle)
    * 1:10 twist

    Looks like a brilliant rifle, and less than 1/2 the price of the (awesome but expensive) Steyr Scout built on the same principles. If I had a spare $1100 atm i’d be putting my order in right now.

  6. 16.5 or 18″ suits me, although it would be nice to keep the flash hider.

    I’m expecting the delivery to be later than mid-year. Sure Nioa will do their best but we all know how delivery dates can slide when you have to deal with the reality of the product coming to market. Specifially, I suspect the US market demand is greater than Ruger expected and that could lead to production delays for secondary markets like Australia.

    If it comes in stainless, that will be interesting. Not sure why Australia would get stainless though…

    Yes, the price is quite good and is easily justifiable.

  7. I got mine, I got mine!!! 1 mag, 16.5 inch barrel, flash hider! nah na na na nah nah!!!!!

  8. I like to buy one but the trigger is no good, to crippy and heavy. Do any of you guy’s know of a good after market trigger that i can put? And how much? I’m new at this sport.

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