RIP Bill Davey

Host of the Outdoor Life Show and editor of The Overflow e-zine Bill Davey has passed away in Melbourne.

Bill provided many hours of hunting and fishing content with his show and was highly respected by his listeners.

We will miss you Bill.

2 thoughts on “RIP Bill Davey”

  1. last friday (13/7/2012) i was happy that i was working in box hill in the truck heading off towards box hill i have an alarm set on my phone for 6:35am and if i could get reception (broken areial) i would tune to 94.1 fm as it did the alarm went off and i tuned in happy in the notion that i could tune in only to hear the sad news of the passing of Bill Davey.
    i was extremly sadden by the news as it was for Bill’s radio show that got me back in to hunting and more so into fox hunting.
    Will miss him and his radio show.
    Many Thanks Bill.

  2. Had a chat to Bill several times and the last only just recently.
    Amongst other things Bill informed me that he/they were starting to make Hunting/shooting shows for television. Cant tell you how much I was looking forward to the shows.
    I had always found Bill to be intelligent, engaging and polite.
    He will indeed be sadly missed.

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