Own Your Own Bulldog 1877 Gatling Gun

| January 19, 2012 | 3 Comments

hunting bulldog000 300x233 Own Your Own Bulldog 1877 Gatling GunThat’s right folks, you can now buy a fully functional replica of the Bulldog 1877 Gatling Gun ¬†for just $50,000 USD.

Made for Colt by the Bulldog company, it’s 5 barrels fire 45-70 ammunition at up to 800 rounds per minute (depending on how fast you can crank the handle.)

It is an absolute beautiful piece of engineering and art and an incredibly devastating machine of war from a past era.

Watch it fired by the guys over at the Daily Bulletin in the video below:

[Hat Tip: The Daily Bulletin]

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  1. ScottW says:

    “…up to 800 rounds per minute(depending on how fast you can crank the handle.)”

    With 45-70 wouldn’t it be more correct to say “…depending on how fast you can AFFORD to crank the handle”? :-)

    I have no idea what 45-70 costs but it’s probably more than ‘modern’ calibres.

    Looks fantastic, do they have it in 22LR? (more affordable fun).

  2. ScottW says:

    For those looking at the link, there’s a minor typo. It should be http not httv.

  3. Keith Drain says:

    Not a typo mate, a plugin stuffed up that embeds the video with that code. It’s fixed now.

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