Mossberg’s 464 SPX Tactical Lever Action.

Well the SHOT Show is happening right now in Las Vegas, Nevada and the US blogs are all posting cool stuff at a blistering rate, We’ll try out best to tell you about the things that are relevant to Aussies or just plain awesome. Or in this case a bit of an obscurity:

The Mossberg  464 SPX Tacticool Lever Action, coming with adjustable stock, picatinny rails, fibre optic sights and a flash supressor (Though if it ever lands here it wont have the suppressor).

The rifle will be available in 22LR with a 18 inch barrel and 13+1 shots as well as a 30-30 with 5+1 shots and a 16″ barrel.

I don’t know what to make of it, seems a bit strange to me but good to see the old workhorse of the west get a modern tacticool facelift anyhow.

[Hat Tip: The Firearm Blog]

4 thoughts on “Mossberg’s 464 SPX Tactical Lever Action.”

  1. Hmmm I see where they are going with this but it looks a bit uglier than it should.

    Why no top rail? You’d think a top rail would be the first rail you’d add to a rifle.

    Apparently there’s a ZMB (Zombie) model in the works. That will upset some :)

  2. that guns really ugly! anyway why would ya go tacticool with a gun design
    thats 117 years old & its ammo design(30-30)thats 116 years old &
    .22LR = 124 years old….. heres a brain storm why not a redesign
    hammerless in .204 angle eject with a top mounted Picatinny ??????????

    yeah .204 and how about a .50 Beowulf for the big one

  3. I’m not that crazy about the adjustable stock as far as looks go – but comfort is more important to me than looks anyway.

    My only real complaints are that I wish they had gone with a side ejecting design instead of a top ejecting one. A picatinny rail on top of the receiver seems like a must for a rifle like this.
    The other complaint is I wish they had chambered one in a pistol caliber. Personally I’d prefer a .357 mag version, but I could easily see it in a .44 mag or even .454 Casull

  4. I see the new MVP Flex will be hitting our shores soon. Somewhat of a similar tactical design but a bolt action in a couple of different calibres and flavours.

    Is Abela’s going to have any of the MVP or Flex?

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