Hornady Introduces Superformance Ammunition

Hornady's New Superformance Ammunition

Hornady has just introduced a new line of ammunition called Superformance and it is claiming to get increases between 100-200fps over any other factory cartridge.

Other factors Hornady are touting are the fact that it works on SAAMI standard pressures, does not increase recoil or loss of accuracy. They say that the new ammunition’s performance increases are due to using newer powders and that it reduces recoil by reducing the amount of gas whilst not compromising on velocity.

Rather than me trying to explain it here is what Hornady has to say about the recoil and how they reduce it:

Recoil is a complicated discussion that has parts to it that are not commonly understood.
The fundamental misunderstanding of recoil is that the recoil is over when the bullet
leaves the barrel. In truth, the vast majority of recoil occurs after the projectile exits the
barrel. By far the greatest percentage of recoil is produced by the force of the gases and
propellant residue/ejecta leaving the barrel. Consider for a moment what is really
happening, the mass that existed in the solid propellant before the round was fired
doesn’t disappear, it is converted into another form of matter, gas. This gas, although you
may not be able to see it or touch it, still has mass and energy. The real contribution to
recoil from this gas comes from the fact that it is leaving the barrel at velocities on the
order of 8,000 – 10,000 fps. The energy in these high velocity gases is what produces the
lion’s share of recoil. It’s easier to picture what is happening if you think of the muzzle as
a rocket nozzle. If the amount of gas, gas pressure, and gas velocity, of these exiting
gases can be reduced this will reduce the force exerted on the gun by the gases and
reduce recoil. This is exactly what has been accomplished with the Superformance
propellants and ammunition.

The new ammunition uses either Hornady’s SST or GMX projectiles and comes in a variety of cartridges.

Here is the full information for those of you who want to read it:

Superformance Technology

To find out what cartridges are available in the new ammo visit here:


In other Hornady news:

Hornady have just launched their new website www.hornadyTV.com which redirects you to their YouTube channel.

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