Calls To Ban Platypus Statues and Office Chairs.

Ok maybe that isn’t the case but in light of the recent recommendation from a South Australian Coroner to put screens up and tether guns in shooting ranges. As well as another case where the Cororner called to restrict the use of hammers it may seem like the thing to do after a man beat a naked gay man (his housemate) to death after propositioning him with a platypus statue and an office chair.

More info can be had here:

Why not ban platypus statues? Nobody needs them, they are clearly a danger to naked gay men and if… IF banning them saves one life it surely is worth it.. Ahh sorry for the hyperbole there the inner anti in me escaped for a bit.

My point is restricting and banning inanimate objects is a costly and pointless exercise. Homicide and assault are already illegal acts and restricting access to knives, hammers, office chairs, platypus statues and fists will not stop people from beating or killing one another. If only it were that easy to ban something and have the problem go away.. You only look at the drug problem in most countries to know that banning something does not work..

Leave our guns alone, use a bit of common sense or base your legislation on evidence rather than emotion and we might be OK. Restriction and prohibition is not the key and cases like the one above only goes to show this.

Now I have to go lock my office chair in a safe.. Sheesh.

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