A Positive ZERO Controversy News article on Shooting.

David and Hayley Chapman are the first father & daughter to compete at an Olympic Games together in shooting (and more than likely in any event).

Hayley is going to be competing in the 25m Pistol and David the 25m Rapid Fire events at the 2012 London Olympics.

That is great news in and of itself but the even better news is that major newspapers and Channel 10 news have ran totally controversy free articles and video about the two’s achievements. There was not one hint of anti-gunnery at all and that is great to see.

I do find it funny how Nick D’arcy and Kenrick Monk got in trouble for posing with firearms but hey lets take the victories when we can aye?

Channel Ten News Piece:

Sydney Morning Herald article (also printed in The Age):

So there you go good to have a win for once!

On a side note do you guys have any problems with this photo?

Also in the video there is a shot of them pointing their guns straight at a cameraman, this seems pretty silly to me, I feel the shooters should have known better but what do you think?

What annoys me is that shooting at the Olympic Games is fine with the media and even some anti-gunners but if you shoot for any other reason other than competing at the Olympics, guns and shooting are completely evil? I just don’t get it. I guess Aussie Pride can overcome all prejudices hell we call any Kiwi with an ounce of Talent that lives here an Aussie so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

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  1. No problems with photo if camera was mounted on a tripod and remotely activated? I’m sure they have been checked and double checked that they are unloaded and their trigger fingers are on the trigger guard not the actual triggers.

  2. Question…………..

    are the Pistol/Handgun Olympic events ACTUALLY being held in England??

    (might seem a daft question…….but considering that Britain BANNED ALL PRIVATE HANDGUN USE AND OWNERSHIP……….sometime after the Dunblane Massacre……….and that their Olympic/Commonwealth games shooters had to go to the Continent to paractice……………… what, precisely IS the situation here??


  3. Good to see a positive article that doesn’t need to go looking for some cheap and grubby anti-gun angle.

    As for pointing the gun at the camera, it may not be clear to great unwashed but it’s always done with strict safety protocols. Yes, I know it violates rule 2 of firearm handling but with the correct protocols it’s safe.

    PS. You’ll note in the video that Hayley clearly demonstrates the firearm is unloaded to someone off-camera.

  4. Regarding the photo. I agree with above, as long as it was done in the safest way possible i don’t have an issue with it however photo like this are easily twisted by the antis and as such I am not a fan of them.

  5. The photo can also influence some who should either know better, or have should have been told otherwise, to point a gun where it should not be pointed. Personally I’d reckon teaching and demonstrating safety in the media should take precedence over getting a dramatic Hollywood type photo or video. There is no point to it. Unless it is to say, “you can pick on our swimmers but not our target shooters” ?!

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