Leupolds VX-R Series


 Earlier this year Leupold introduced their new VX-R Series of scopes. The VX-R users a unique reticle which combines state of the art illumination technology combined with their firedot reticle. The reticles real advantage is in low light hunting situations and is activated by Motion Sensor Technology. Basically it comes on when the rifle is moved and disengages when motionless. I.e., when stored in your gun safe.

 The VX-R features a 30mm tube which seems to be growing in popularity. The most obvious advantage with this design is the greater range of adjustments you can make to your scopes zero by giving the user more “clicks” to work with. If you can see this as an advantage in a hunting scope then you now have another option when looking to buy.

 The focus system of the VX-R is the one turn eyepiece system which allows the user to quickly and easily change focus to suit the surrounding conditions. It’s a handy system but in a hunting situation is rarely needed.

 Optically, the VX-R series is said to sit somewhere between the VX2 and VX3 series of scopes. There has been mention that the VX-R’s glass is very similar to the older Vari X III models and the features listed for the VX-R seem to confirm this opinion.

 Of course Leupold backs the VX-R series with its famous lifetime warranty which is undoubtedly one of the best in the business. There are several ranges of magnifications available and I suggest you visit the Leupold website for further information.

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