Leupold’s New VX “1”

Leupold have announced that they will be introducing a new VX 1 this year. The Roman numeral has gone and a simple “1” will be the new designation. The great thing about the new scope is that it includes new features without addition to the price tag (at least in the US).

Finger click adjustments will replace the old friction style for elevation and windage corrections. The friction style never bothered me personally but I’ve heard a lot of shooters complain about it, so no doubt there will be some happy people in regards to this this change.

The optics have also received improvement by the addition of Leupold’s Quantum Optical System. Sounds very impressive doesn’t it! Basically the system is comprised of lead free, precision ground and polished lenses with the addition of Leupold’s Multicoat 4 lense coating which gives the VX 1 up to 92% light transmission (compared to 86% on the older VX I).

The variable power adjustment ring now has the tactile indicator which is a common feature on Leupold’s more expensive line of scopes. Basically it just makes turning the magnification ring that little bit easier.

Without having one to field test, I can only comment on the features and specs. I think the new VX 1 offers a distinct advantage over the original and if the price remains competitive on the Australian market then I can see it being a big hit with shooters.

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