User Discussion: 17 Hornet vs 17WSM Which one Wins?

Who Wins?
Who Wins?

Two new 17cal cartridges have been released by major manufacturers in the last year or so, lets have a look at the 17WSM and the 17 Hornet (by Hornady) and get your opinion on which one (if any or both) will still be here in 5 years.

First up you have the 17 Hornet by Hornady. Originally developed by P O Ackley Hornady started producing this cartridge in 2012. It is based of the 22 Hornet case and is a centrefire cartridge, capable of propelling a 20gn VMax bullet at 3650fps. Brass is reloadable.

The 17WSM or 17 Winchester Super Magnum was announced at the US Shot Show in Las Vegas 2013. Based off of a 27cal nail gun blank case, it will fire a 20gn projectile at 3000 fps. It is a rimfire case and therefore cannot be reloaded.

So we have one Old but new again cartridge in the 17 Hornet that is a reloadable centrefire cartridge then we have the fastest rimfire on the market in the 17WSM.

Which one would you buy?

Which one is still here in 5 years?

Did Winchester make a mistake by calling it a 17 WSM which may confuse it with the lukewarm Winchester Short Magnum centrefire cartridges and the now dead WSSM cartridges of the last decade?

Do you think Winchester could have made it more of a success by starting off with a 20 cal Rimfire rather than push another 17 cal into the rimfire market?

Tell us your opinions below in the comments section

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  1. Ouch! I’ve been shooting for 40 years and sincerely sympathise with you, but it does happen that occasionally a rifle will slip through the quality control mechanism of even the better brands. A new Rem 700 once gave me similar results (very surprising). After checking all the usual causes I discovered the bore was not drilled concentric with the barrel. The store replaced it without question and the next confirmed my faith in Remington. I’ve got my fingers crossed that you get a good replacement.

    Ps Some guns ARE worth more than others, but even money can’t buy happiness sometimes. It sounds like the problem is the rifle, not the ammo.

  2. I have all 3 the 22-250,17hmr,17wsm and like them all . I can get the 22-250 with my reloads with a 32g vmax bullet at 5600 fps and a 65g out at 4500 or so but the little 17s both do the job they were designed to do the 17 hmr is only pushing a 17g and only have about 60 ftp of energy at 100 yards. The 17 wsm is using a 20g holding 200 ftp at 100. And at 300 yards it will still kill a coyote and about ripe him in half. The hmr is 2550 fps wsm is 3000 either one is a awesome for what they are I think the wsm will take off and hold its own as long as we can find bullets for it. I give 12.50 a box of hmrs and 14.50 for the wsm so theirs not that much difference in cost. I like them both.

  3. Hey Dustin, glad to hear the WSM is working for you! Do you have th BMag, as original or tweaked? And are you happy with the ammo?
    Cheers, Gettin there Lemac

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