Rugers new 77/.357 Magnum

Ruger has just released their model 77 centerfire chambered in .357 Magnum. Their model 77 with rotary magazine has previously been chambered in 44 Magnum which has been popular with pig hunters for its close range stopping ability. Although the .357 Magnum is a smaller case than the .44, it should still have some appeal to similar minded hunters. The .357 would also make for a better plinker to help hone up on those shooting skills.

I’m not sure when the 77/.357 Magnum will be introduced into Australia, but I’m sure it’ll be based on demand criteria. If you’re interested in one then I’d suggest you get hold of your local dealer to see what can be done.

Check out the Ruger website for more information.


63 thoughts on “Rugers new 77/.357 Magnum”

  1. I tried every dealer in AU….You wont get one of these here and none in the future..
    Its a shame but thats the way it is..

  2. just recieved my permit to puschase today, I am picking it up tommorrow. can’t wait.craig

  3. how can you pick up within a day?..30 day cooling off laws are here in au.. ??
    i rang the distributor (ruger Australia) yesterday and this gun and caliber will NOT be imported now or the future..

  4. oooooops….ok,i miss must of gone through with the cooling off period.yer yer im a clown…
    cant see why they keep telling me none in au…fu## knows..looks like ill go to a diff brand and stuff ruger…

  5. Rubbish your getting one…There are NO,NONE,ZILCH,NIENTE RUGER 77 IN 357 MAG available in Australia and you wont get one either..

  6. Rubbish my arse, I order one through Fisher Firearms in Adelaide on the 13/01/2012 they only just recieved it about 3 weeks ago, i got in just before ruger stopped taking orders so they could catch up on the back log they had.So Boaty it looks like i got the only one in Oz, cool looks like it’s value just tripled. Bye the way I like it,its well built, solid, handles nice can’t wait to shoot it. better go down the local cop shop and register it in the next couple of days. Cheers Craig P.S. all good things come to them that wait.

  7. O bye the way, it’s only about 14 day wait for permits in south australia(after your first one). Also maybe you should push your gun dealers, ask them why not, tell them to check out the 2012 Nioa catalog. Maybe Ruger has’nt filled it’s back orders yet, you know they will catch up on their american orders first after all we are only a small market. I got lucky had mine on order for 7 months. Craig

  8. i rang around yesterday and found a dealer with 2 in stock for $915 each (.357 mag) but im really wanting the .44 mag and they tell me their coming at the end of september to mid october.looks like i might order one of these.

  9. RE::::Rubbish your getting one…There are NO,NONE,ZILCH,NIENTE RUGER 77 IN 357 MAG available in Australia and you wont get one either..

    looks like gun dealers talk shit. everyone i rang told me i wont find one in AU..they say this shit cause they dont have any in stock themselves so you order from them is what i found..
    like i said above,found one dealer with 2 in stock.
    lesson learnt…RING AROUND..

  10. Your right Boaty they would rather you brought something they got in their store/racks first(some of them anyway). tell ya what after 7 months I was starting to give up hope of ever getting one and spending the money on someting else, then out the blue I got the phone call saying it had arrived, made my day anyway it sucks having to wait for things. Cheers Craig

  11. actually the gun dealer has 3 in stock not 2 as she (yes she) thought.stuff it,ill go for the 357 not the 44.doing the deal today and the dealer says only 10 days of waiting(police checks and all that crap that us honest people go through) so it looks like ill have a nice rifle in less than 2 weeks.wonder if a photo can be put up on here?if so ill post one when ruger arrives.
    priced cases and projectiles in 357..cases per 500 $35 (once fired),projectiles in 158 grain lead $32 for 500,adi ap70n powder $34 500 to reload..the 44 stuff is about double the price.

  12. Shot it today at club, shoots good 1 inch 3 shot group with some AP 158gr JHP(about 15 years old and made in the Philipines.) factory rounds, well within minute of pig. Craig

  13. Craig,is that with a scope or using the open sights?
    Thats the sort of accuracy im wanting.sounds spot on to me.
    im not going to scope mine as i want a fast pointing scrub rifle (low light conditions) which this one is perfect for.
    i have loads of pmc 158 grain hollows (factory) and some 180gr projectiles to try.
    paid for mine on saturday and hoping i can pick it up in less than 2 weeks.cant believe how light it is quite small compared to my other rifles.should be no problem carrying it for hours in the scrub.oink oink..

  14. Lads – there was a thread on here recently about the best pig calibre/gun and one commentator suggested a light rifle in 7.62×39. Ruger chambers it in a short model 77 which retails for around the $900 mark. I just can’t get excited about rifles in 357 or 44 mag – they are handgun rounds.

  15. At 25 meters with open sights and rested in sand bags it shot around 1 inch, 3 shot groups with the JHP and at 50 meters also 1 inch 3 shot group using a 4×32 scope in the ruger mounts. I also tried some 158 gr cast handloads i had left over from when i used to shoot revolvers , these were only mid range loads and some were round nose and others Kieth style, they proably doing around 950-1000fps all these showed similar accuracy’ no leading was experianced and very easy and quick to clean which tells me all is good inside the barrel. O yer i also put put about 20 38 specials through it, don’t know about group size with those but i hit every steel plate i pointed it at, even mixed some 38 specials and 357 mag in the magazine just because i can, it functioned perfectly, no failures to feed or eject, just what you want when little piggy runs out of steam and decides to make a stand. Craig

  16. 30/30 I hear what you say but you know Different strokes for different folks,isn’t it more than half the fun getting in close enough for an ethical shot, I’ve used the 357 mag on feral pigs donkey’s years ago in lets just say a much shorter barrel and with a well placed shot and within practical range they go to market.Honestly i would be comfortable taking pigs and goats cleanly up to 80 meters with the 357 if longer ranges are involved i’ll grab the 308.Yer Boaty, i did’nt know about being able to stick thing’s in the Butt, you sure that’ not a Greens policy:)

  17. Just like to add that i’m guessing those Ap 357 JHP are probably doing around 1800fps out of a rifle they are a pretty stout load in a revolver and i think there is loading data out there for loads that are going between 2000-2200fps with some of these modern projectiles and powder, i would like to give some of them Hornady flex tip projectiles a go i reckon they would work alright.Thought i’d better fess up too, of the pigs i’ve shot none would have been over 80 kg wet, not sure i’d liked to use it on some of them Queensland Monster pigs i’ve seen pictures of(200kg’s plus), i think i’d be heading back to the bus for the Howitser. Craig

  18. just like you i have loads of lead projectiles left over from when i use to own revolvers, ranging from 119 to 180 grains plus thousands of shells (nickel and brass),carb dies,powder,but ill be tossing the primers cause i dont trust them.then i have a huge pile of fiochi (huge hollows) 158gr factory which ill try on oink oink out to say 50m max…im in far north qld so my shooting is in thick jungle and i dont think i ever needed to shoot (with a 6.5×55 180 grainers) more than 50 metres.prob mostly 0-20 metres and thats why this gun would suite me just fine.light,fast pointing,open sights,stainless,etc..a great little rifle for the range as well.

  19. RE..30/30 Man in SA says:
    August 13, 2012 at 1:57 pm
    Lads – there was a thread on here recently about the best pig calibre/gun and one commentator suggested a light rifle in 7.62×39. Ruger chambers it in a short model 77 which retails for around the $900 mark. I just can’t get excited about rifles in 357 or 44 mag – they are handgun rounds.

    yes they are hand gun rounds but the ammo is coming out of a 18.5 inch a rifle the projectile gains approx 400 to 500fps over a hand gun.the ballistics state its close to a 30/30’s ballistics.
    i could of bought a remington sps in stainless 30-06 or any other caliber for the same money but the 357 is my choice.

  20. RE…Yer Boaty, i did’nt know about being able to stick thing’s in the Butt, you sure that’ not a Greens policy:)

    could be craig,could be lolol

  21. i could of also bought a 375 h&h brand new for $795 but last time i shot my mates rifle in this caliber i got a nose blead :(

  22. tell ya what i’ll probably bleed when the “minister of war and finance” finds out i got another .223 on order. Craig

  23. nice round the 223..i was going to go for the remington 700 sps stainless for $950 till i came across the 357 ruger.

  24. Boaty – you must have a very sensitive nose! I have that 375 H&H and I love it. Nothing walks away when hit and it is as accurate as my 222 Rem Tikka with 270gn Woodleigh RN projectiles. A brilliant classic hunting cartridge, I can understand why its been going strong for 100 years. It has a tad more grunt than the 357 mag.

  25. my mate loves it to.have seen (a few times now), pigs cut in half and these pigs are 100 plus kg here in far north qld.just incredible amount of power.he uses 300 grainers for 2600fps which he says is close to max for the caliber..i only had one shot at a large maybe 50kg rock and we could not find the pieces.turned to dust.
    my nose hurts when i think about it lol.

  26. Boaty, you must be talking about a different cartridge, the 357 mag cannot get close to those sorts of velocities. The 357 mag is a handgun cartridge mainly.

  27. RE::Boaty, you must be talking about a different cartridge, the 357 mag cannot get close to those sorts of velocities. The 357 mag is a handgun cartridge mainly.

    you lost me??? what speed?

    i have ADI powder loading data for 357mag in front of me right now (available on ADI web sight)fastest load i can find using ADI powders is 2200fps using 110gr projectiles in an 18inch barrel.
    then my reloading speer book has a load also for 357mag 18 inch barrel using 110 gr projectile with a 2500fps, or 140grain for 2000fps.
    in a pistol these loads would be 400 to 500 fps slower due to not all the powder being burnt from short barrels.

  28. no problem.
    just had a thought.if i got a nose bleed from the 375mag just imagine what a 460mag would do..pass…

  29. Boaty, you wrote earlier about tossing some old primers out that you don’t trust, I’m still using primers i brought about 18 yrs ago(they were probably a couple of years old before i got them), these have been stored in a dry, cool stable environment, just saying if it’s the age of them that worries you i would’nt be too concerned, i’ve never had a miss fire or dud that was caused by my old primers. if they have been stored in a even cool dry spot they’ll probably out last you or me. Cheers Craig

  30. thats amazing craig.maybe i tossed good primers out?
    thing is im in the heart of the tropics here and there is so much moisture/humidity in the air and temp variations here year round.maybe they were still good but gee,18 years plus is amazing.
    you reload your own 357 bullets there craig ?

  31. Purcy, if in doubt you probably should throw them out, especaily if they are not stored in a cool dry and even(minimal temp. variations) manner, but it’s not really that amazing when you consider people are still shooting ex WW2 ammo. Like i said, ammo and reloading components that are stored correctly will last many decades. Yes i do reload my own 357 mags, also 22 k hornet, .223 and 308. I no longer shoot pistols or revolvers but i kept all my reloading gear and components, i own a martini cadet that was rebored and rifled to 357 and a rossi 357 mod. 92 lever action and now a ruger 357 k77 bolt action all are good shooters and a lot of fun. Craig

  32. sounds like you love the 357 caliber.i do too.
    bought 1000 silverharke 158 grain projectiles and came across another maker called “berry” in which the projectiles are coated with a thick layer of copper.they state its a very thin copper jacket ?? these ones are approx $170 for 1,000…check em out on the net..
    ill be loading cci mag primers in 550 size.whats your thoughts on mag primers (small pistol)i have always used standard small pistol primers for when i use to load the pistol but the gun dealer said to use mag primer even though ADI loading data dont state sh$t..
    purcy (boaty)

  33. G’day Boaty or Percy(identity crisis?), Yer i do like the 357, i know about the Berry projectiles they’re coated with copper by using electrolosis i think, much like a lot of 22 caliber ammo. I’ll give em a try one day, as for magnum pistol primers they’re not needed unless your reloading manual recomends using them for certain powders, such as Alliant(i think)2400 and others that might be hard to ignite. You have to be careful, as using a magnum primer when place of a standard one with some loads, as it can push a hot load(close to maximun) thats safe in your firearm to one that could cause damage or injury. Magnum primers have a fair bit more omph than standard ones and can raise pressures significantly. Cheers Craig

  34. Just to add to my previous post, if you have a firm even crimp on 357 or 38 rounds you should’nt have any problems with ignition. I not saying don’t use them just that in most cases they are not needed. By the way, have you got it yet i still can’t get over little and light it is.Craig

  35. thats right.coated with copper eg, like .22 stingers but a little thicker.some can be driven at up to 2000 fps and some are rated at 1700fps.
    ill start at the recommended starting loads then take it from there regarding mag primers,checking for pressure signs amd work up fom that etc.i did alot of reading about using mag primers and from what i gather they state pressures are not raised by using them but a larger flash is created which give a more possitive flash to ignite powder.but ill be cautious cause i think mag primers do raise pressures a little.
    havent got my PTA yet so im hoping its soon.i did handle the rifle at the dealer and my first impression was exactley that.small/ light and short compared to pics i seen on the net.only 38 inch long x5.5 pounds.much shorter and lighter than my 22 cfx gamo air rifle.
    cant wait for this PTA to come.
    by the way,purcy is another user name (on another forum) i use and the computer remembered this and when i posted here it must of used this name when i posted.bloody thing..ill use boaty here.

  36. a little more info.
    i have never crimped when i use to load 357 for the pistol, just resize say one third of the case then change to bullet seater die and the first 3 or 4 loads were tested in the revolver to see if all was ok.
    uncrimped shells last much longer as i found crimping work hardens the shells ends and split after only 3 loads or so.uncrimped shells last 10 plus reloads at low fps.i use both brass and nickel shells and prefer the nickel ones..i have the carbide dies which is recomended for nickel shells.had mine for years now but new carb dies are quite cheap at around $90 for a 3 die set in RCBS 357/38..

  37. I have always crimped 357/38 rounds because i found that if i did’nt the projectiles would seat themselves deaper into the case because of recoil, this was even worse when i was loading fairly hot loads in revolvers and lever actions. I’ve always full length resized the cases and still get 10 or more reloads out of them, I have noticed that nickle plated cases tend to get splits before the brass cases do. I crimp them for two reasons 1 to get the powder to properly and uniformly ignite and 2 to stop the projectile from moving in the case due to recoil. I use a Lee factory crimp die. I do partialy resize some of my 223 and 308 rounds but because the 357 ammo can be used in any one of the three 357 rifles i’ve got it makes it easier. Craig

  38. Just a bit more, they don’t have to be full power loads, i also found that uncrimped projectiles, even in light target loads could sometimes seat themselves deeper in the case due to recoil and rough handling. in fact i’ve found accuracy to improve in rounds with light/small powder charges when they are crimped, i believe it gives you more uniform ignition of the powder. Having the projectile seating itself deeper than recommended can cause a dangerous situation where presure could rise above their maximun limit and cause problems. Craig

  39. craig..when i took a look at the 77 357’s bore,i thought gee how shallow the rifling is.think its 8 groove notice this in yours?

    got a box of 500 HRBC silverharke projectiles in 158 (rnfp) grain lead that ill try out.thing is i cant find anywhere to what speed i can load these at without leading.not even the maker will tell me.might be safe to load at a max of 1200fps.any ideas here?

  40. Boaty, i thought the bore on mine looked pretty good, average depth on the rifling compared to the other 357 rifles i’ve looked at. It has better finish inside the bore than some of the other brands of rifles i’ve got, and when cleaning it the rod and patch glides smoothly and evenly through the entire length of the bore, no tight spots felt. I’ve only ever used HRBC Blawkhawks in 9mm and 357 handguns in the past, when driven at around 1100 fps there was minor leading just enough to be a pain but not too bad to clean out. I experianced no leading with the handfull of 158 gr blawkhawks i put through my ruger 77 and they would have been doing around 1200 fps. “To be continued”.

  41. Me again, After looking at the HRBC website it looks like you need their Copperhawk projectiles as they rate them to be good for 2200 fps, their Silverhawk range of projectiles are aimed at the western action shooters. I shot a bit of Western Action many moons ago and quite alot of them Guys and Gals would load them real soft to control recoil and speed up their shooting(between 600fps pistol-800fps rifle), as long as you stay around the 1000 fps mark they should’nt give too much if any problems with leading. 1200 fps for the Silverhawks is in my guess probably their limit, considering the market they are aimed at. Cheers Craig

  42. 1200 fps would be silverharks limit i agree.
    when i use to shoot pistol i use to load leads at 900fps which shot quite accuratly.
    sounds like the copperharks are a goer.
    you ever heard of 200 grain projectiles in 357 ?rang a gun dealer and they tell me they stock these in lead.thats a heavy projectile for 357.might work well for the 18.5 inch barrel.
    might get some adi ar2205 powder since the loading data shows reloading to 2200fps using jked projectiles of 110 grain or 158 grain projectiles at 1500fps.

  43. i use to load 3.5 grains of ap70n with 140 grain lead for the pistol with 6 inch barrel.i wonder if its ok to shoot in an 18.5 inch barrel.would it come out?
    think the speed is near 800fps..use to be one of my fav loads as this combination was accurate..would say it would be a quiet load in a rifle barrel.

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