Rossi Rio Grande / New Chambering’s

 The Rossi firearms company has been around since 1889 and during this time they have been providing quality firearms at an affordable price. Although they produce muzzle loaders, single shot rifles, shotguns and revolvers, they are perhaps best known for their lever actions rifles.

 Among their line of lever actioned rifles, is the Rio Grande series. The Rio Grande is available in either blued or synthetic finishes and has a side ejection port which facilitates easy scope mounting. Barrel length is 20 inch’s which seems popular with traditional lever gun fans. Up until now the Rio Grande has been available only in 30/30 Winchester, which holds six in the magazine. However, Rossi has now released the Rio Grande in both 45/70 and the .410 gauge Shot cartridge. The 45/70 model will hold six in the magazine and the .410 will hold five.

 This new release has only just made press in the states, so time will only tell as to when they will become available to Australian shooters.

2 thoughts on “Rossi Rio Grande / New Chambering’s”

  1. Interesting. I’ve heard that 45 long Colt and 45/70 aren’t similar enough to interchange. However, I’ve seen several firearms that can handle .410 with 45 long colt.

    With the Rossi now supporting .410 and 45/70 what is so different? Yes, I’m a relative calibre newb so any clarification would help.

  2. I hope we do get the 4570 out here a lot of guys I talk to on several forums swear by them for big pigs, Sambar and even our asiatic water buffallo.So really they are a
    cheap big game rifle with a good rate of firepower for mobs. The 4570 can be loaded to 45 long Colt specs with Trail Boss for one and also H4895 and others can provide
    range or plinking loads at 70 % of full power if you want to ease into the calibre . They readily go together with
    all types of red dot and low 1x4x20 or 1.5×6 style scopes that suit quick aquisition with both eyes open or even
    a Scout scope can be mounted with a little tinkering .In addition aperarture sights are also very effective at the 30 to 60 yard shots that are often encountered in thick bush. Hodgdon or Adi web sites will have load details .

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