Hands On & Pics of the New Lithgow LA101 Rimfire.

Whilst working at the 2013 SHOT Expo last weekend I found time to see just one booth, I made sure that it was to handle the all new Australian made Lithgow 101 Rimfire rifle.

I was that flat at the show out I didn’t even get to take photos of the LA101, Thanks to Fenring from the AusVarmint Forum for allowing me to use these pics.

This rifle oozes quality, it seems well balanced and the stock fitted me well. The bolt was silky smooth and I found the looks of the rifle to look better in life than it did with the previous renderings that were available. The rifle is very solidly built but not as heavy as it looks. From best I can tell it will take CZ rimfire magazines and the stock looks heavily influenced by Steyr rifles.

Still no word on pricing yet, I have heard the term “Middle of the road” in terms of pricing. I asked one of the Lithgow Arms employees if it would be between a CZ and Anschulz ┬áin pricing and he didn’t disagree with me but if I had to guess I would say nobody is sure what the cost is going to be.

Apparently they are making around 2,500 of these rifles to start with.

Obviously we are yet to shoot it and that is where we will find out what the rifle is really like but on first look the Lithgow Arms LA101 Crossfire is going to be hard to ignore if you are after a quality rimfire.

So here are some photo’s of the rifle. Thanks again Fenring!

Lithgow Rifle 1

Lithgow Rifle 2

Lithgow Rifle 3

Lithgow Rifle 4

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  1. Only 2500?? If they are priced right they will fly out tge door!
    I know il get one if its priced right.

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