The Bushnell TRS-25 Ultra Compact Red Dot Scope Review.

The Bushnell TRS-25 1x25mm red dot scope is of compact design and a solid piece of equipment especially when you need to acquire your target fast and at close range.

It is designed for a Weaver/Picatinny rail though you can get an adaptor for the standard 3/8” dovetail.

The TRS-25 can be put on almost any firearm including shotguns, handguns and rifles. In my case I mounted it onto a relatively low powered Anschutz 335 air rifle, that said this little red dot scope would be great on a lever action rifle after pigs and anything else that you required fast target acquisition for.

This little scope has some standout features that make it very useful for fast, close range shooting. Unlimited eye relief is very handy, as soon as your looking at the scope you are looking through it and ready to shoot, no moving your head back and forward to get a sight picture like a conventional scope and it is really easy to use with both eyes open. The other killer feature is that there is no need for centring the red dot as the TRS-25 is parallax free, which means it doesn’t matter if the red dot is in the centre of the scope or not you will still hit your target regardless which really is a brilliant thing especially when you’re trying to aim quickly. The other benefit to the parallax free design is that it does not matter if you are shooting at 5yds or 100yds unlike a riflescope which either has parallax adjustment or a fixed parallax usually at 100yds which means you can aim at something 20yds away and miss due to the fixed parallax, with this red dot scope you don’t have this problem.

The brightness adjustment dial also houses the CR2032 battery.

The TRS-25 has 11 power settings which adjusts the intensity of the red dot, obviously the brighter it is the brighter you have your light that said I found the red dot scope best to use around the 5 to 6 mark on a sunny winters day and on dusk you could lower it even more. The TRS-25 performed very well in low light situations.

The scope is powered by CR2032 button battery which is around the size of a ten cent coin and can be bought very cheaply. To change the battery all you need is a 5 cent coin to unscrew the top of the power dial where the battery is stored.  Whilst I suggest always having a backup battery handy it probably isn’t always necessary, I forgot to turn the red dot off one afternoon and I put it in the safe overnight, I was surprised when I went to turn it on the next day and it was already on. I hesitantly looked through it expecting to see no red dot but even after 12 hours the red dot was still there as bright as ever. I never did have to change the battery the entire time I used the scope.

Sighting in was a breeze and is same as any other scope thought the adjustments are ½ inch at 100yds rather than the usual ¼ or 1/8 adjustments, but this makes sense as this scope is designed for fast pace, close range shooting rather than shooting record benchrest groups.


The windage adjustment screw

Utilising the unlimited eye relief and parallax free design target acquisition was very easy and you could even be quite precise, I was shooting empty 243 shells at 25m which is more precise then you’ll ever need using this scope.

Overall this little scope surprised the heck out of me, it was easy to set up and using it was a pleasure. The thing to remember is that this is a 1 power scope so you don’t get any magnification at all but it is a great open sight replacement as you just put that red dot on what you want to shoot and you’ll hit it.






2 thoughts on “The Bushnell TRS-25 Ultra Compact Red Dot Scope Review.”

  1. Very interesting.

    I just purchased a Tasco Red Dot 42mm. Why? Because it was so dirt cheap and I thought I might fit it to something someday.

    Your review sounds very similar to my initial impressions on the Tasco. At 42mm (there are several sizes) it’s quite massive, so I can see how the Bushnell 25mm may be a better choice.

    What is the dot size at 100yd? My Tasco is spec’d at 5MOA but the dot isn’t as round as it probably should be.

  2. Great article. It explained the advantages over a scope in close situations.

    I have had one sitting around for a while and have been hesitant to use it, thinking a “proper” scope would be better.

    I am now going to make the change.

    One question; you mounted yours on an air rifle and we are always told not to mount standard scopes on springers, does this rule apply to red dot scopes?

    Keep up the informative and interesting articles.

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