Benjamin Marauder PCP Review

The Benjamin Marauder Pre Charged Pneumatic air rifle in .22 calibre is one of those products that seems too good to be true. Seriously? A PCP for $850, it can’t possibly be good.
Can it?
It can.

I love this air rifle! the Marauder is accurate, powerful and incredibly quiet. It truly is an amazing air gun for its price.

The Marauder is a bolt action repeating air rifle with a ten shot rotary magazine that is auto-indexing and tells you how many shots you have fired. The magazine is easy to load but just make sure you buy a couple of extra magazines for it as it is amazing how fast you will fire off ten shots whilst plinking. Extra magazines are well priced at $25.

The two stage trigger is very good and is light enough for very precise shots. The safety is located forward of the trigger and is simple to use. I do question Benjamin’s placement of the safety inside the trigger guard but in use there was no mishaps at all so it would seem that the engineers at Benjamin know better than I.

Accuracy on the Marauder was excellent for a PCP of its price range, it allowed you to place precise shots and at one point I was shooting the heads off of matches at 20m.

The Marauder comes with a shrouded barrel which is legal in Australia, unlike the American version the Australian version has had the baffles inside the barrel removed but apparently the baffles weren’t very good and there is not a huge amount of difference with them in or out.
That said one of my favourite features of the Marauder is that it is extremely quiet for an air rifle of its power.

My only real criticism of the rifle is the finish on the stock, I chipped the finish whilst getting it out of my gun safe. It does seem a little fragile but chances are if you are buying this air rifle you want something that is affordable and that will be used, I have some sort of mark on every timber stocked rifle I own. Sure this stock got damaged easier than others but I would be happy if I had to refinish the stock to give a new look anyway.
Another thing to mention is that cocking the rifle takes a little bit more effort than expected, after speaking with Oleg from AusArms this was a requirement of Customs Australia as they weren’t happy with how it came from factory but from every other review and report I’ve read about the Marauder from the US no-one even mentioned it any issues at all with the action. This doesn’t take anything away from the PCP it just is a difference I would like to point out from the US Version.

Coming in at 32 foot pounds of energy in 22 calibre and up to 50 ft/lbs in .25 the Marauder is a medium powered PCP in .22 and a high powered PCP in .25cal.

I used a SCUBA tank to fill this air rifle to 3000psi (hand pump also available) and found that the claimed 30 shots at maximum power was valid without any noticeable drop in point of impact. It is very easy to see how much pressure you have left in your tank with a pressure gauge on the bottom of the fore-end. Apparently the Marauder will run on compressed air and CO2 but I wouldn’t recommend that, compressed air is a better solution for airguns in my opinion so please stick with that.
The Marauder is an extremely capable hunting air rifle with its accuracy allowing you to precisely place your shots and power to take down small game with ease.
I have shot several Indian Myna birds with it and all of them were dead before they hit the ground.
The Marauder’s accuracy made it easy for me to achieve headshots on rabbits which made for a very quick, very humane kill. Anyone who says you cannot hunt with airguns does not know what they’re talking about.

The Benjamin Marauder is a great air rifle for its $850 price. In fact there aren’t many PCP’s that are close to matching the cost of this air gun. As I said before, I really love this air rifle so much so that I have acquired the unit I tested. So if you are in the market for a PCP but are on a budget, it is very hard to go past the Benjamin Marauder PCP in .22Cal.

The Benjamin Marauder is available from Aus Arms for $850.00


Muzzle Velocity up to 1,000 fps (305 m/s) in .22 cal
up to 900 fps (274 m/s) in .25 cal
Muzzle Energy up to 32 ft-lbs (43 J.) in .22 cal
up to 50 ft-lbs (68 J.) in .25 cal
Barrel length 20 inch (508 mm)
Overall length 43 inch (1080 mm)
Weight 7.5 lbs (3.4 kg)
Action bolt
Safety manual
Trigger two stage adjustable
Stock ambidextrous
Full power shots 30 at max power
Max shots per fill 80
Max recommended working pressure 3000 PSI (207 Bar)
Power adjustable
Magazine capacity 10 rounds in .22, 8 rounds in .25, rotary
Open sights none
Scope rail 11 mm dove-tail

8 thoughts on “Benjamin Marauder PCP Review”

  1. Hey Keith,

    Great review and I so want one of these rifles! The more I read, the more I like. This particular rifle even has a dedicated forum surrounding it. There are you tube videos of people taking small pigs with the .25 cal at very close ranges, but as it is said “What is possible is one thing and what is ethical is a whole other story”.

    Personally I am looking to purchase the .22 cal at this stage of the game as an alternative to my rimfire. There are plenty of clips also of different people taking small game and hitting bullseyes at extended ranges (80 metres)that I didn’t think were possible. I guess it goes to show how far the technology has come.

    Keep up the great work.


  2. hi keith,

    good article thanks.
    wat type off pallet did you use ?and wat scope ?

    cheers, fred

  3. Hi Keith

    I am looking at obtaining a PCP for pest control and small game. A friend mentioned an Air Force PCP. After reading your review, Awesome. I am back to stage one. I used to use a Theoben Rapid 7 back in the UK years ago and have lost touch. Any advice would be great.

    Thanks Sye.

  4. So true about the Marauder. I tried one out but was swayed by the FX Royal 5oo in .25. Three power settings, so accurate in all three settings.


  5. Keith, an informative review of the .22 Marauder with an impressive performance ‘out of the box’. Thanks for putting it up. I have just ordered a Mk2 version, with synthetic stock. Airgun law changed in South Africa fairly recently an a .22 calibre air rifle no longer requires a police permit (FAC). I’m looking forward to testing the new Marauder and hope it will deliver accuracy comparable to yours.

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