Hornady’s .444 Marlin Superformance


 Hornady’s release of their Superformance ammunition has given shooters the option of using increased velocity ammo without the cost and hassle of having to hand load. Many shooters only get out once or twice a year and the expense of setting up to re-load is simply not an economical option. Accuracy of today’s premium ammunition is excellent and in some cases, hard to beat even with good re-loads.

 Hornady originally introduced their Superformance line with traditional Varmint cartridges such as the .223 Remington and the 22-250 Remington. Now however, they have introduced an increased velocity .444 Marlin load.

 My experience with the .444 Marlin is limited to a few small pigs and a feral cat that was shot whilst in the process of stalking some birds. Back then the biggest concern was that velocity from the .444 Marlin was too fast when using the only available projectiles which were designed for the .44 Magnum. Today however, we have premium projectiles designed to hold together and penetrate deep enough to reach the vitals, which should give .444 Marlin owners a few more options. Hornday has taken advantage of projectile and powder technology and given us their .444 Marlin Superformance Ammunition.

 Hornady have used their own 265 grain Interlock FP projectile and stoked it along at 2400fps (from a 24inch test barrel).  Individual rifles will vary but velocities are claimed to be over 300fps faster than conventional factory ammunition. Definitely a worthwhile increase!

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  1. This is a new calibre to me, approximately how many rifles are available chambered for this round?

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