Eun Jin Sumatra 2550 .25cal PCP Air Rifle

Every now and then I get sent a product out of left field, something you don’t expect, something completely different to what everyone else is doing in the market. Sometimes it is a bad thing and other times like this, it is a really good thing.

The Korean Eun Jin Sumatra 2550 PCP in .25cal imported by AusArms is that product from left field. As far as PCP airguns go, there is no air rifle like this, except for the Eun Jin Sumatra 2550 which is an odd-looking lever action. I’ve talked to people about this air rifle, some people think it looks really cool, others not so much. You could call it the Manly or Collingwood of the air gun world, except that after using it, they might not agree on its looks but everyone is in admiration of its performance.

I know why too The Sumatra is extremely powerful, easy to use, in-built pressure gauge, threaded barrel, adjustable power and has good accuracy. People just love firing this air rifle, it cycles fast and has adjustable power and an adjustable cheek piece.
It also isn’t as heavy as it looks coming in at
The Sumatra’s looks aren’t the only thing that is unique about this air rifle. In fact, nearly everything has been done differently compared to every other PCP before it.

The first unique thing about an air rifle like this is that it is extremely powerful and when I say powerful I mean it, at full power it shoots a .25cal H+N Baracuda weighing 31 grains at ***983 fps and at low power it shoots the same pellets at 485fps in middle ranges you get velocities of 600 and 800fps as you play with the very cool external power dial. ***Velocities may be even more but my SCUBA tank at the time of testing wasn’t 100% full so I wasn’t getting the full 3000 psi charge.***

Now whilst producing such awesome power levels out of an airgun there is a downside. The downside is noise, at full power this air rifle is very loud, as in hearing protection required loud, it doesn’t sound like a regular gun shot but it is loud.

Of course this is easily tamed by tuning it to be less powerful, once you get to its mid range velocities ie 6-800fps it sounds like a normal PCP and when you turn the power all the way down the noise is very quiet.

18 usable shots is what you will get from a full charge at full power and 36 shots at medium power. I didn’t test this precisely as my SCUBA tank wasn’t completely full to give it a fair shot but what Eun Jin claims seems to be on the money anecdotally. It is easy to keep check of how much air you have left by the in built pressure gauge.

The single stage trigger is reasonably crisp and at a decent hunting weight. I don’t think I could blame any bad shots on the trigger at all.

It has a 6 shot rotary magazine, it pretty much looks like the cylinder out of a revolver and works the same way as well. It works flawlessly if you start with a full magazine though, I did have trouble if I indexed it wrong and

only had a couple of shots in the magazine, so if you get the pleasure of shooting a Sumatra load all 6 shots into the magazine and save yourself having to think about it. The magazine also features numbers on the outside to tell you how many you have fired. The action cycles easily and smoothly, though a little more effort is required than a well worn in 22lr lever action.

If you are after an extremely powerful airgun at an extremely reasonable price the 2550 ticks all the boxes. You will be happy with this airguns power, flexibility and accuracy. You can also get the Sumatra in .22cal.
Did I mention it is only $850.00 direct from the importer AusArms?
The true beauty of this powerhouse is that for the price of just the airgun in other brands you can be completely set up shooting the Eun Jin Sumatra 2550 PCP.

From AusArms:

Muzzle Velocity up to 1,100 fps (335 m/s) in .22 cal
up to 1,000 fps (305 m/s) in .25 cal
Muzzle Energy up to 100 ft-lbs (103 J.) in .22 cal
up to 102 ft-lbs (105.8 J.) in .25 cal
Barrel length 24 inch (600 mm)
Overall length 43 inch (1080 mm)
Weight 8.25 lbs (3.8 kg)
Action lever
Safety manual
Trigger two stage adjustable
Stock ambidextrous
Full power shots 18 at max power
Effective shot 36 without bullet drop at medium power
Max recommended working pressure 3000 PSI (207 Bar)
Power adjustable (13 stage)
Magazine capacity 6 rounds, rotary
Open sights post and peep-sight
Scope rail 11 mm removable dove-tail rail

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