Working hard for the money!

Probably not the best title, but what I’m on about is that as hunters, we all have had this experience in that sometimes things just fall into place, and other times you have to work your butt of to be successful!

Out in the field, perfect conditions for a presumably successful day in the field for whatever game you are in pursuit of, yet you don’t see a thing!

This can bring out the best in your skills, working hard, for little or no reward, you push on, hoping to find that bit of sign, some fresh droppings or prints, you seem so close, yet so far from success.

We have all been through this, but when we do take our chosen animal, the reward is sweet, the success from all the hard work, up and down hills, through the scrub, makes the day even better when back at camp.

Yet other days you virtually stumble across your game, all things fall into place, you really can’t believe how it seems so easy, yet you know that this makes up for he ones that really put you to the test.

I’ll take the easy ones for sure, why, because it makes up for all the times I’ve had to work hard in the field to get my game!



This billy was taken after it virtualy walked in front of the author at 25m.

One thought on “Working hard for the money!”

  1. Phil – its the hunting gods, they are either with you or against you! Just yesterday morning I got a fallow doe after stalking less than 200m from parking the car, the hunting gods were really with me.

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