Trophy billy!

Stalking in on the spring I got the signal from one of my mates the goats weren’t far in from our position.

We had taken a few in the same area a couple days earlier and were hoping to repeat the same on this day.

Closing the gap we were only around 15m from where they were positioned on the edge of the water course.

One black billy spotted us and let out a bleat, this was our queue to start shooting.

I managed to drop a couple of billies, one a nice trophy sized goat.

I had shot him in the chest, the 130gn projectile from my 308 had done its job and he dropped on the spot.

Sometimes being so close bullets can pass through completely and not cause very much damage, however these 130gn bullets do the trick at all distances. (Within reason)

Once we had finished and regrouped I made my way over to where he was laying.

He had a nice rack on him and I was happy with my trophy.

I estimated him at around 32-33 inches, however the tape measure put him at 34 ¾ inches, again this was pleasing to know I had myself a great trophy.

While not my biggest, he had solid horns on him and looked a great trophy and would have probably gone a bit more if it wasn’t for his broomed off horns.

Couple of the other guys came over for a look at him; I made use of one of them to take some pictures.

Another great hunt and while it’s not all about the biggest and best it’s good to come away with a nice result.



                                                               Trophy billy.




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