The Opportunist!

The Opportunist!

 Well that’s what I would call it anyhow!

Cruising around on a property, we had got onto a few goats early on the trip.

Checking out an area I noticed something up ahead, just standing there looking at us from about 80m .

My hunting mate confirmed it was a cat, standing there as if we were no threat to it!

Well that’s where it was wrong as I pulled the ute to the left.

I stopped and started to get the rifle ready as it walked across the track.

Knowing I only had a few seconds, as once it made it to the scrub it would disappear.

Working the action of the Remmy pump I had chambered a 150gn bullet ready to go.

Resting on the mirror of the ute I centered him in the scope, no time to up the power but felt confident in taking him on 4 power.

The cat made it to the other side of the track and hesitated for a couple of seconds before the crack of the 308 and the whack of the 150gn bullet hitting home.

It just laid there, didn’t move, not even a flinch or a kick.

Happy with the shot, it was one less out in the scrub and certainly added to the whole trip in bagging a cat.

Of course all this happened in a few seconds and very opportunistic to say the least, but with the end result, we were happy!


Feral cat taken with a Remmy Pump in 308.

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  1. Love it. There is little that is sooooo gratifying as shooting a feral cat, well except shooting MANY feral cats. Congrats.

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