The old sow!

Crossing the small creek I was checking out all possibilities of a pig or two hiding somewhere here.

Id been lucky enough to down a couple of donkey’s earlier, but I wanted to get onto some pigs.

Although I have had limited experience in hunting pigs, I applied all of my experience in hunting other animals and also advise and information I had read about pig hunting and applied it to where I was at this point in time.

Checking out under low shrugs/branches in and near the watercourse, I kept on the look out for sign and also listening for the sound of pigs and worked mainly the northern side as it was a slight southerly blowing.

Id picked up some large hoof prints back further and they were heading in this direction on and off, I was thinking large boar as that’s what the sign indicated.

The day was starting to warm up and I was paying particular attention to areas along the creek where pigs could be holding up in the shade along the banks.

One area I dropped down into had the creek fork off and one side had water and the other had none.

It was very sandy ground, almost like beach sand and as I moved up to get back onto the bank I had two sows break from cover.

To be frank it scared the shit out of me as they thrashed through the shrubs they were camped in and bolted for the water.

The 308 pump was put into action and I hit the larger sow first with a snap shot, the second putting her out, the second sow I hit as it come out on the opposite bank with a well placed shot.

Checking out the sows one was in very good condition, while the other was very skinny and considering the condition I came to the conclusion that this was one very old sow!

Id finally got onto some pigs, although only a couple of sows it still was a memorable experience in my Northern Territory hunt!






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  1. Nice article. I have never seen a skinny feral pig. Even when there was little feed around during the drought given they’ll eat just about anything, they never seem to go without… happy hunting.

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